FAADA - Moda (2007) Print (Spain)

The fact which FAADA, the Foundation for the Adoption, Patronage and Defence of Animals, provided Contrapunto with was absolutely decisive: 80% of the people who purchase an animal do it on impulse - people who act on the same impulses as those involved when buying a bag, a pair of earrings or a T-shirt.


F.A.A.D.A. - Is Not A Toy (2007) Print (Spain)

FAADA (a foundation for the adoption, the sponsorship and defense of animals) works to make people aware of the consequences when they buy an animal very impulsively, without thinking about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. For that reason, Contrapunto Barcelona created three ads showing a run over Playstation, Mr. Potato Head and a Circuit, representing three animals that were abandoned as used toys.


Fundacion Ilusiones - Music Therapy (2007) Print (Spain)

Fundación Ilusiones is a organization that makes the dreams of unhealthy children come true. On of the many projects, that Fundación Ilusiones has recently carried through, is to bring music to the children's hospital in Spain. A therapy that helps through music children to overcome terrible illness. A very positive graphic even though approaches a real drama.

The following ads were created by Deny Zatariano and Emma Piquer at Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona.


Making toilet paper ads sexy

Radar Magazine takes a look at luxury toilet paper branding. There is some rather bizarre advertising for a "luxury" brand called Renova from Spain, which takes a more fashionista and sexual approach than the majority of other toilet paper brands.

Check out some of the Renova ads.


TVE - Scooter / Dog / Suitcase - (1989) (Spain) Grand Prix Winner

TVE - Scooter / Dog / Suitcase - (1989) (Spain) Grand Prix Winner

They say the dog is man's best friend ... so what happens if you have a TV for a best friend instead? This sentimental ad won the Grand Prix in Cannes in 1989. It was a different game back then.