Amnesty Sweden launches campaign against female genital mutilation


Amnesty Sweden launches campaign against female genital mutilation

Publicis Stockholm approached Amnesty with an offer they couldn't refuse. "We thought the idea was very postive, it's a very serious subject that can be desribed in the most cruel manner. It's not something you'd want to show graphically. We loved this idea, it's beautifully illustrated and at the same time very clear in its symbolism" said Elisabeth Löfgren from Amnesty Stockholm.

I agree, the shots are gorgeous. Adland would like to thank Sara Ångström for getting us these images quick.

Amnesty project leaders: Sara Ångström och Fredrik Kron
Ad agency: Publicis Stockholm
People involved: Malin Åkersten Triumf copywriter, Yasin Lekorchi AD, Magnus Svensson projektleader, Maria Florell production, Margit Blom faktor, Anders Modén layout
Photographer: Niklas Alm, Mattias Nilsson, Vostro
Retouch: Sofia Cederström, Vostro
Media: Jeanette Asteborg, Zenithmedia

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Nice. Thanks for the big pictures.

Stunning photographs. Even if if the symbolism is a bit tired this is quite unnerving.

i love these photos. are they selling posters?

I wonder if some overly PC person will complain about indecenct imagry? Sounds like something that someone somewhere would do...

Nobody did over here yet.

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