When it comes to stains, grass and mud are some of the hardest to get out. Only thing harder is the stain on someone's reputation. Just as Luis Sanchez, who was suspended for nine matches and banned for four months during last year's FIFA World Cup. In other words, Ariel laundry detergent might be the only thing that can keep Sanchez "Unstained." Had I been paying attention to The World Cup, this ad would have been a lot more relevant. As it is, I had to go and google his name n' stuff. I do appreciate trying to make it relevant to what Ariel actually does, though.

Client: Ariel Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi CEO: Yossi Lubaton VP-Creative Director: Amir Ariely Copywriter: Eran (Shushu) Spanier, Tomer Gidron Art Director: Aia Bechor Kujnitzky Photoshop: Yaniv Shachar VP Planning: David Kosmin VP Group Account Head: Hagai Leeran Account Supervisor: Lee Bryn Account executive: Vicki Tseitlin Production: Alon Shmoelof

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