Burn Energy Drink - Missing letters - posters, Switzerland


Burn Energy Drink - Missing letters - posters, Switzerland

These posters from ask "are you bad enough?" and I realize that I'm not, because I filled the missing letters in to read Dock, Boots and Luck - so my head is still firmly at the shoe-sale in the harbor where I scored some seven inch heel fake fur cuff designer boots for like no money. Lets see if you do better.

Advertised brand: burn Energy Drink
Advert titles: Books-Boobs / Duck-Dick / Luck-Fuck
Headline and copy text: Are you bad enough?
Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland
Agency website: http://www.lowe.ch
Creative Director: Nicolas Vontobel
Art Director: Sebastian Hugelshofer, Jean-Marc Grubenmann
Copywriter: Ivan Madeo
Photography: Roger Schneider
Art Buyer: Melanie J. Auerbach
Account Supervisors: Gabrielle Lommel, Stefan Naef
Published/Released (Month, Year): June 2008

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My new knob gag jingle:

"It's a knob gag, it's a knob gag.
It's the very first thought of a barely pubescent creative team.
It's a knob gag, it's a knob gag.
Pee po belly bum draws. Fart."

You'll have to imagine the tune.

The tune is excellent. I'm singing this every day.

I'll ask my mate to do a techno version for the Dutch charts. He's had success there in the past.

And really, you should get a publishing deal; I can see this being Kylie's next big hit. Seriously.

Thanks, that means a lot to me. I might have to change the third line though - you can only sing it in 7/8 time.

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