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I'm uploading the images here so that people can see what we are talking about. This campaign is truly offensive. Not just the words but the images. "Faggot" has lipstick and dildos, "paki" has...
Personally I love that bottle and had to buy two of them, even though I seldom drink vodka.
Will this turn out to be an elaborate joke at the end?
The right thing to do, a hetro and a homo version.
‘United Colours of Domestic Violence’ sounds horrible as well, I wonder what drugs they are on over at Mcann India
I don't see what the fuss is about either, BaciBaci has it right it's all about self-love.
That's a really tired punchline.
This is fantastic!
EA has no balls.
Great ad, well done.
Oh good, I thought I was just being paranoid when I felt that there was a touch of homophobia in this advert.
The only good one in this series is the ballad in the pub IMHO.
It doesn't hurt that I adore this song.
Love that inclusion where the transvestite isn't a punchline. That's great!
It's one of those jokes (the bird poop incident film only) that you either love or hate. Around my office everyone saw it, and people were either laughing out loud or not even considering laughing....
Fantastic. The joke is old but just airing a sign language based ad is a small revolution.
That's exactly what it looks like over at my house, but we have more food.