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There is a similar ad, this time a Nike shoe that survived a terror attack while the Israeli that wore didn't.
It was a viral hit 7 years ago.
Wow, you also like Duke Nukem? I am telling you we are match made in Sundsvall.
I remember playing it on PC with 486 processor some 20 years ago.
I am going to Webhallen today to check the XBOX...
It is just an Israeli humour. Nothing to get worried about.
Boy toy Rico...
Deny sequence commercials with a good creative.
Because one Old Spice was enough.
The Swedish obsession with safety, that is what it is.
Ya, I was. My commenteries are the consequences of when I am on a bad mode.
As an ex-Israeli I am offended by the copyrights infrigments shown here with the use Israel's map. Not to mention the borders are drawn incorrecctly.
Up until now I thought they are doing everything they can to repel non PP voters. Now I thing do are trying to keep off even their own voters.
I wouldn't be surprise if the creative behind this film...
Giving a fat Hispanic kid from L.A. a machine gun is racial profiling.
Oppss, that was that one.
Sweden can sometimes be so strange when it come to sensitivity towards commercials.
Apropå Reklamombudsmannen and weirdos asking to ban commercials last week that was a something similar with a cheese ("...the taste remains in the throut").
They would have get the media attention anyway because it is expected that they will do something extreme.
I am just glad that they decided to go on with their truth and not tried to hide it. Those...
First time that they manage to put the main issue in their agenda in terms that are relevant and understandable to common people. What can I say, I like it.
More campaigns from Israel are available at Cannes Zions.
My theory is that Coke have a hidden brand that pops out on Jul and on Påsk when we drink must. Coke of course won't admit it. They just play the game of "our sales on jul is suffering so much and...