2007 Adland Roundup - A look back at the year in advertising

Hello boys and girls of Adland! Yes, it's that time of year again when we do the Adland roundup and list the year's best and worst ads. My, my, I can't believe time flies when you're having fun - can you believe we've been doing this since 2003. Nostalgics may start their tour of previous years Round Ups here: 2003 part 1 and 2003 part 2. 2004 Adland news roundup, the ads and bestest and mostest, 2005's ads, newsy bits and bestest and mostest, and Adland roundup 2006 top ads part 1, part 2, viral, bad ads, fun and more, bestest and mostest and of course a look back at the ad news of 2006. Now let's get into the fun! 2007 seemed to be a year of medicore or average ads overall. There were some quite good ads, of course, with the usual sprinkling in of shocking and ready for bannage. We saw some bizarre furries themed work from FFL for Orangina. Last years big bringing back the dead trend continued as CP+B brought back a super creepy Orville Redenbacher. Uncle Ben was brought out of retirement, in April there was news about bringing back Bartles & Jaymes characters, and in the UK they trotted out Comedian Bob Monkhouse, but at least it was for a good cause. And we said goodbye to Alan Maxwell Pottasch and Jack Zander .

Of course there were the gorillas, apes and monkeys to be seen in Adland - and this year there was no shortage of them including the PG Tips Monkey returning, the Rolling Rock Beer Ape campaign, Gainomax Bananageddon and Cadbury's drumming gorilla from Fallon in London to name a few. Wonderbra's spoof of the Cadbury's gorilla even included a primate - granted she was in a bikini and it wasn't very good. Thankfully, CareerBuilder.com said goodbye to their chimps. And sadly, Choromatsu, the Sony Walkman monkey, died. With the launch of the Simpsons Movie, there were some interesting tie-ins, including Burger King's Homer and Krusty spots. There was also the great Kwik-E-Mart and 7-Eleven store mash-up and the hugely successful Simpsons Avatar viral. In other animated cartoon news, Paddington gave up Marmalade Sandwiches for Marmite. There were the Cavemen from ads who got their own sitcom. And Unilever got a lashing with the Axe/Dove mashup. And it seemed Dexter's viral campaign proved to be one of the most memorable of 2007. There was an old lady doing a mashup for Mountain Dew, dead Easter bunnies, bizarre furries pr0n for Orangina, Whopper Freakouts, crazy wet suit ads, Tom Ford doing what Tom Ford does best (that's being outrageous, if you weren't sure) in a print ad for his own cologne, and a very cool and unusual media idea by Sweet Koo Strawberry Jam.



Both Volkswagen and Guinness seemed to be into using hands in their spots. There were pharama spoofs a-plenty such as Ford's Boredom Hurts, Microsoft Windows Vista Clearification ad campaign, Kia Rondo's Rondoism ads, and Sprint's Connectile Dysfunction. There were the over-hyped ads as usual, this time for Sony Bravia Play Doh and Guinness' Tipping Point. The New York Observer asked Why Have Admen Lost Their Mojo? and the 4As created guidelines for pitches and reviews, which had been brewing for a while. About time something came to fruition.
Banned, Pulled, Whisky Tango Foxtrot?
We remember the chaos that ensued from Adult Swim's ATHF LED billboards in Boston, MA. Seriously, you Bostonites need to chill the hell out. There was the captivity 'abduction, torture and death' posters that caused an outrage because presumably it looked like a real woman inside the poster site. We had an update on the ad ban in São Paulo and suddenly the city bloomed again, without ugly billboards. L'Oréal was found guilty of racism and fined and jailed. There was theDolce & Gabbana knife ad that got axed by the ASA. We saw agencies like Ogilvy JHB create fake "Idol" and get caught by blogger. - Bo-yah! Don't mess with the bloggers, ya hear? Again, another Lindex "We love boobs" campaign gets 'banned'. For certain, a tired and true way of getting bland advertising noticed. There was clamouring over VW's "jumper" ad which they had to pull. How sad!

Nearly everyone said "what the hell?" when Dove's new pro-age campaign for real beauty was banned because of nudity. Hahn beer ad was considered too boob-a-licious - what a surprise. Possibly hoping to mimic the chatter level of Lee & Dan's Kia Cat ad, Dodge Dutch Nitro Dog went a similar route, but the got ad pulled by Chrysler Group USA. Makes you wonder where the approvals came from. Luvs' got into trouble with some fans for using a Beatles song. We saw bad billboards and a very Dumb ad ban of the week for Corona. We couldn't understand the logic of McDonalds "alien" ad banned while Nando's stripper ad was OK, Heat Magazine and Renault couldn't escape bannage either, and perhaps the saddest ban of all was also the Saddest Logo Change of 2007 - The castrated Lion "ad omnia paratus". We saw illegal ads on money revisited, Virgin get sued for using CC licensed Flickr photo in ad campaign without a model release, and to top it off, China Bans Bra, Underwear, Sex Toy Ads. Kate Moss was in trouble again , this time for her lashes. Spirit Airlines "MILF" campaign went awry, although we all think that's what they wanted all along. Yup, this year Fark applied for a trademark on NSFW, T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom sued Telia Sonera over the color Magenta, Supermodel sues Leo Burnett for injuries on the set of their Super Bowl ad. You know, having a crazy set with flashing lights and no rehearsal sounds like a really bad idea. Ms. Britney banned bad billboard ads that used her bald head, Hardees/Carl's Jr. "Flat Buns" ad caused a ruckus and was edited. Something we thought we'd never see, Lowe Australia was caught plagarising a quantum mechanics lecture and then, of course, there was the drama at Dentsu.

Get yer media on. It seemed the newest trend was Smellvertising. The question was posed What does KFC smell like? The answer? Fatty fried shit, that's what. Hollywood also took a dip into the Smellvertising kiddy pool too with an ad for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium which let readers smell cake. We wonder what Marie Antoinette would do with this. ;) Adcreep reared it's head yet again on parked bicycles, airline trays, suitcases, on mail in exchange for free stamps, on the back of envelopes, Internet calls, Facebook, and the one that takes the cake, piped into your head - yes, the creepy A&E billboard that makes you hear voices! Mailboxes got a makeover and turned into R2-D2 in the USA. Crayon and Coca Cola launched a campaign using Second Life. We were witness to the double page spread phenomenon. and ended up in a year where every billboard knows your name...or so it seemed.

Media itself became dangerous as hacking web banner networks sent banner ads from hated to feared. Crop circles were so 2006, but Sara Lee did it anyway. The Discovery Channel hung out a climber - for seven days, Saatchi did some ambient work for Reynolds Wrap Aluminum foil using shop gates, nothing could beat this banner placement, and we actually saw a TBWA London sought free ideas for Sony, with no benefit for the creator - except bragging rights. More rappers got into the creative ad game. And of course there the slew of Super Bowl ads created by Joe Public. Katelyn Crabb won Chevy's Super Bowl ad competition with this spot. Oh and there was also this Music Medley. Not to be outdone, Doritos got in the user-generated content trend with Accident and Checkout making it to the small screen. Tidbits from Adland We learned How To Hire An Ad Agency, watched Grey go green even though they call themselves grey. And GSD&M became GSD&M Idea City. We're still not sure why. We revisited phallic logo's, watched Barclays go from Eagle to Shield, and chucked at the road-kill peyote pachyderm. There were those who wanted to break up with advertising and an update on the consumer wanting a divorce.

We chuckled at Impetuous Man is Penn Jillette and old ads directing us to Go Gay this Spring!, while rolling our eyes at Truth in advertising, part 100. There were the ten biggest cocks in advertising, Burn Back for ihaveanidea.org's Portfolio Night World Tour - Make the Logo Bigger, and the celebration for typegeeks everywhere when Helvetica turned 50 years old! So scary it was funny, we came across the headline EMV widget, an infomercial from a parallel universe for Steampunk Rayguns - yes, really!, 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads , a widget where you could create your own WIRED cover, the silly Design Rap, and someone's list of The Hottest Ad Girls Ever. Headlines didn't mean what they were supposed to - DOH! - and DIRT sells homes, apparently. We got a laugh from stock photos for a change, learned how to use (and not use) the Verizon Wireless Test Man, My ass opens at six am billboard, wondered how soft are Cordarounds '007 Jackets?, applauded A Few Good Creative Men, took the Right Brain v Left Brain test, and explored the revolving door. We found out if you love Copperplate Gothic Bold, laughed at Autobullshitastic!, acknowledged that people are taking things too literally, found a neato vector graphics online tool, experimented with the The Periodic Table of Marketing Elements, watched Dabitch Sydsvenskan's billboard (oops!), read about greatest copy shot ever written and got freaked out by the Tickle Me Elmo T.M.X. eXtra special edition, which also answered a lot of questions. The One Show's Paul Rand Tribute Film reminded us why we loved what we do and the 2007 Hatch awards reminded us why focus groups suck. There was much love for Grey NYC's homage to Sinhead: Nothing compares to you-ouu-huuu buu-huu and we all enjoyed the Documentary from 1974: Adland by TVTV. All the world watched the what it was like in the glory days of Madison Ave via Mad Men, we learned some new terms in the ad dictionary, listened to greats like Trevor Beattie and Shelly Lazarus of Ogilvy & Mather talk about the biz. And yes, there were the award shows including the BTAA, Golden Egg. Dubai advertising award ADC, 2007 Corbis Creativity for Social Justice Award, One Show Design Awards , Emmy Award Commercial Nominees, EAR Awards , International ANDY Awards, One Club Hall Of Fame 2007, LIAA 2007 Grand Prize Winners and 2007 LIAA Silver TV/Cinema Winners among many others.

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Dabitch's picture

Bringing back Orville was just übercreepy.

tod.brody's picture

Using dead people as pitchmen just creeps me out period. Even if they were once associated with the company like Orville. I really don't want to turn on the TV one day and see Bobby Kennedy selling toilet paper. Although I have to admit that I do like the Steve McQueen Mustang ads, so I guess there is indeed an exception to every rule.

caffeinegoddess's picture

I thought it couldn't get worse than Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum - but yea, this was 100 times worse. Proof CP+B is not infallible. ;)

tod.brody's picture

Speaking of dancing, the one I really dislike is the Gene Kelly - David Elsewhere Singing in the Rain ad for VW. I can appreciate the incredible production and post, but I don't like the concept.

Dabitch's picture

I think the fact that we can name several resurrected dead people in new ads means that waking the dead should be dead now.

caffeinegoddess's picture