Amazing adhoax, Global and Transport for London (TfL) denies that Gymbox bus-top ad exists.

Yesterday, when we reported that Aerial classes at Gymbox are being promoted through bus-top ads, we focused on sharing all the other bus-top ads that came before it.

Now, The Media leader has gotten word from the TfL that this ad doesn't even exist. Except in the world of digital mock-ups on Alamy stock photo.

But wait, there's more!

Public relations agency Cut the Bull, which circulated a press release of the Gymbox campaign, has been contacted for comment. Before publication of the original story, which has been deleted, they confirmed when asked that “all the creative and [media] buying was done in house”.

What an ironic name for the PR agency.

There's another reason we know this ad can not exist, as fifteen years ago Transport for London introduced a program for the installation of white panels atop the capital’s trademark red buses in the framework of further climate-adaptation plans. More specifically, white panels reflect the rays of the summer sun, thus keeping the vehicles cooler. The large black numbers placed atop of the buses are used for security purposes like police and TfL tracking. I actually knew this yesterday but was too busy to do anything but show off a collection of previous bus ads, I certainly didn't have time to call London from my central time zone.

So bus-top ads, are no longer possible. Except digitally as an ad hoax. And sometimes those win awards in Cannes, you know.

All the white-topped red London buses go round and round
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