Apple "Oversharing" (2020) 1:00 (USA)

Last year, Steve Cook gave a privacy keynote speech at the European Parliament. His speech was, as The Atlantic called it, "an impassioned plea to end the technology industry’s collection and sale of user data."  You see, Tim Cook is against surveillance.

Is he really, though? Not really.

'Tim Cook talks a big game, but at the end of the day, his company is allowing the surveillance-capitalism atrocities it claims to oppose. It sometimes helps people find alternatives in its own services, but far more often, it fails to prevent its customers from being harmed by companies such as Google and Facebook—in part because it provides, endorses, and profits from their use."

So the informed consumer demographic, i.e., the ones who use Apple products, are already viewing them from place of mistrust, despite a year's worth of "we care about privacy" messaging. 

Ad well they should be, as Apple really is no different from the more obvious data-mining monsters it pretends to be against, like Facebook and  Google. The carefully crafted messaging is Apple cares about your privacy. But that's a lot like a gun owner saying they care about safety. Perhaps they do, but they still sell guns, just as Apple still lets tons of data-mining apps in its store because it makes billions of dollars that way.

It's not like Apple hasn't had its share of issues either. Lasy year they apologized for having human contractors listen in on your conversations with Siri and promised never to do that again..  Becuase they care about privacy. 

As for the spot itself? It's the same innocuous charm we've come to accept from Apple. But if you aresmelling something musty it's because the "You wouldn't do this is real life," concept has been around since about 1911.

It's weird how the company believes all of its users are brilliant creative geniuses on one hand, but also morons on the other hand who would ever do this. 

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