Aww, rats. - Keep Britain Tidy - RATS Advert

Boy, you'd think that after the Black Death and other happy fun times, that Britain would have figured out that filth=rats, and rats=bad by now. Nope.

Well, it's time for a bit of public awareness again, along with a somewhat disturbing commercial. Enjoy, and pick up after yourself, for godsake!

Have you ever dumped an apple core on the ground thinking it won’t matter because it’s biodegradable? Or left that dodgy kebab that you knew you shouldn’t have even attempted, on the wall because the council would pick it up in the morning? And what about those half-finished fish and chips you had when you were drunk and left on the road for the street sweepers to brush away. That’s all right. Isn’t it?

Not really. The grub you chuck will disappear - and quickly. But it’s more likely to end up in a rat’s stomach than in the bin. Because every bit of food you dump on the streets of Britain is a potential feast for vermin. And feast they will, because thanks to the throwaway habits of our takeaway generation, experts reckon there could be as many as 60 million rodents on our roads.

And what’s more, there is so much choice for these roly-poly rats, that they are now leaving the sewers in their droves and getting closer and closer to you and me and if we’re not careful they will be as common a sight on the streets as cats and dogs.

Scary, isn’t it? So scary in fact, that we’ve decided to make a spine chilling cinema advert called: "How close do you want them to get?” Click here, if you dare to remind people to use a bin, or risk being overrun by rats. The shock thirty second flick will run alongside the blockbuster film Men in Black II from 2nd August for six weeks in all UCG, Showcase, Warner Brothers and some Independent Cinemas.

A still from the ad has also been turned into a vinyl sticker for local councils - and anyone else who can help us get the message across.

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