Believe Media Director Jake Nava Makes Glad's New ForceFlex Plus a Fashion Party Statement Piece

Irreverent comedy meets ironic but chic fashion pastiche in the latest commercial by Director Jake Nava for Glad via agency FCB. Transforming the traditionally mundane experience of taking the garbage out, "Le Party" is a fabulous and couture take on how to outfit household essentials.

Employing style and substance, the ad introduces a woman in a stunning pink dress who turns the heads of high fashion party goers. Allured by a cherry blossom aroma, glammed-up patrons spot the host totting the pink ForceFlex Plus bag around the house, collecting leftover food and decor. Finally, the dazzling host goes outside to toss the waste, as her neighbor looks on, grasping his unbecoming white plastic trash bag. 


The campaign came out of FCB's dedicated Upstream Inclusion practice led by Marc Wilson, EVP, Executive Director of Strategic Inclusion at FCB Chicago.


Agency: FCB 

Management Director: Kadi Jacobs 
Account Director: Sara Grimes 
Account Executive: Alondra Ibarra 
Assistant Account Executive: Cajsa Weber 
Senior VP, Group Creative Director: Justin Enderstein 
Senior Art Director: Freddy Agostini 
Senior Copywriter: Ernesto Martinez 
Art Director: Christina Fields 
Associate Copywriter: Andrea Lattanzio 

Believe Media:  

Director: Jake Nava 
EP: Roger Hunt, Liz Silver 
Head of Production: Vitaly Koshman 
Line Producer: Ben Cooper 


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Ann Felton's picture

I find this glad transgender commercial very offensive. Especially when my children are watching children’s programming and this is a commercial that comes on. Our children should never see these commercials.

Mr. Light's picture

Do we really need lgbtqa+ivbnmzxcsdfg98765 folks on every commercial now. Trash bags. Really.

Laura Finn-Heafey's picture

I just viewed your commercial (edited version ) for cherry blossom scented trash bags. The ad features a stunningly beautiful woman of the Global Majority and the viewer is led to believe she appears in this ad featured as a strong woman perhaps endorsing a new fragrance. I was completely horrified to see that her beauty and strength was equated to a trash bag and she to someone who takes out the trash.

As a white woman and a consumer who purchases your product, I feel compelled to urgently request that you discontinue running this commercial on air. It is at best tone deaf and at worse incredibly offensive and detracts intensely from how we should be celebrating the strength and beauty of black and brown voices who identify as male, female, and/or LGBTQ. Do better Glad.

Anonymous Adgrunt's picture

I honestly can't tell if your being sarcastic.

Kellie Bardo's picture

It is so subtle I had to watch it a few times because I wasn’t sure of what I saw. Keep drinking the coolaid Glad. I will stop buying your product. You are one of many who has “sold out” to the loud and annoying left. the traditional values that made America great are fast fading. You just add to the heap.

Dabitch's picture

It's "kool-aid", and if we're going to be really picky, it was actually Flavor-aid that was used in Jonestown.

Anonymous Adgrunt's picture

I thought it was a pretty good rug-pull. It starts out as a fashion ad, but it turns out she's just cleaning up after a party.

I am kidding. Really.'s picture

Conceptually, it's a good misdirect.