Borjomi tastes like nature, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Borjomi is a naturally occurring sparkling water with a distinctive taste of minerals that is born in Georgia’s volcanic depths, rises many kilometers up to the surface while getting enriched with unique minerals. Celebrating 130 years in 2020, Borjomi is currently available in 30 countries.

Borjomi and L.A. agency Battery launched a new campaign with the "not everyone will like it," strategy with some social and digital-friendly ads.

Essentially, one out of two people will like Borjomi.

The same could be said of the campaign which falls flat. Ironic for a mineral water.

There is something to the end line which is "Tastes like nature. You just forgot what nature tastes like," but it feels more like it's from the brief rather than crafted. 

The other issue is that "Nature is icky and not for everyone" doesn't really give me a reason to try it and it's not clever enough at this point to position liking Borjomi as being some sort of rebellious act. I also don't care that some stranger likes the taste especially as they never get around the telling me what the taste is. Nature could be fresh dill, but it also could be horse manure. There's a wide spectrum there.

To be fair, I think the fault has more to do with the media buy which doesn't allow for nuance or storytelling or campaign set ups in that format. 

Clients insist on social friendly short blips because "that's where the eyeballs are," but just because eyeballs are there it doesn't mean they shouldn't be entertained. But :15 seconds (or 12 minus logo) isn't enough time to do much of anything, and :7 is even worse.

So the default is to go broad. The question is whether this will stop someone from scrolling past or whether it will entice them to put the volume on or pay attention to the message.

At least the casting is visually interesting even if the taste test and overall message isn't.

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