Breastfeeding - You wouldn't do it in a toilet stall - spec ad

Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro are studying advertising at the University of North Texas, and they created this SPEC campaign to support bill HB1706 in the Texas legislature, a bill that would prevent harassment of breastfeeding mothers and discrimination when they choose to nurse their child in public. Apparently this is a problem in Texas? *Googles* Oh, I see, a mom was allegedly harassed for breastfeeding in a Target in Texas, why would you even want to do that? Is there even a place to sit down there? So Target was later invaded by breastfeeding moms.

As someone experienced with nursing (2+ years and yes my toddler could actually ask for it) I know the need for nursing spots in public. Hell, I've nursed in graveyards underneath the flying bats at night, she likes bats they calmed her to sleep, as well as in busy restaurants, but never inside a toilet stall. You need a place to sit down, a cloth to cover the babies head (and bonus, your own modesty) to keep the distracting noise and images out, and it needs to be somewhat calm. There's no way that I would ever squat in a Target aisle and nurse, that just seems counterproductive to me. So while I like the ads idea, showing people that the toilet stall alternative to nursing simply isn't doable, I'm also wondering if public nursing really does attract a high discrimination and harassment when you're not sitting down in the middle of foot traffic on the floor to do it. I've only nursed in Sweden and Massachusetts, and never in a Target so maybe I missed something.

Johnathan and Kris explain that the campaign, theoretically, is a partnership with La Leche League and the United Breastfeeding Committee with Borden Milk and restaurants that support a mother's right to breastfeed in public. There's a petition to sign on the website, and a nifty find-a-good breastfeeding spot app that would be tied to the project. Now THIS is useful, guys! A great idea with the app! So one can look up a good calm spot like "the comfy leather couch powder room in Bloomingdales" or "the park bench under the shady tree" maybe? The site When Nurture calls has a spiffy name too .

Students: Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro

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You're a lifesaver. I knew I had read about this "When Nurture calls" app idea somewhere, but couldn't remember where so I began googling to find it. OF COURSE Adland pops up in the results. xoxo to you Dabitch, I needed this reference.