Creative Interviews: Åsk Dabitch

Oh, that's right, we forgot to add this interview to our press clippings. Creative Interviews put moi in the hot seat for a bit, which was rather fun. Better still, they put a whole bunch of creative people in the hot seat, from advertising to publishing, so there's plenty of other stuff to read on a weekly basis over there. Might as well bookmark and follow on twitter as you kids do these days. While this is an interview with me, it's Adland related since I talk a lot about adland, as well as advertising.

....But I am also very proud of I was the first regular advertising blog that collected work for people to discuss on the web. It collected videos already in the 90s, and gossiped like Teabaggers did. It allowed people to post gossip, like Slashdot did. It allowed me to go on long editorials about where advertising was heading, to an audience that listened. It had live video feed from cellphones in Cannes, it has the largest super bowl commercials collection, it is a daily dose of snark. It needs to evolve again, as professionally funded sites have caught up and then some, but I have made a mark with no funding at all and I am not shy of being proud of that. There are kids graduating ad schools today, who were toddlers when I started. I get a star for stamina, right?

I feel that this is where ad agencies should be these days, the partner in developing the brand (and possibly the product / app itself) from the very beginning. Ad agencies are like hyper consumers. We know who to call to execute anything from a mobile app to a roller-coaster for cars event, and we can come up with these ideas. Clients: define your problem, and then get the agency involved early. If you don’t know what your problem is, ask your agency. Tell them what your goal is, we’ll help you.

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I have a question: Are you single?

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Hahaha, AntDude, I forgot to answer, but nope.

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I want to.makr it clear that me and "antdude" are not thr same person i would really like to hear from da bitch in regard to my commercial Pposted many years ago here