Dylan Mulvany confirms that Tampax donated tampons to them.

After countless emails and phone calls to Procter&Gamble's press department, who apparently don't do any work at all else they would have replied to me, it is Dylan Mulvany who comes to clear the air.

It was way back in April that we wrote this article -  Did Tampax really reach out to Dylan Mulvaney for a collaboration on TikTok? - and Twitter has been agog with people tweeting to Tampax ever since. Procter and Gamble could have shut that down by replying to my many requests for comment, but apparently, they don't actually have a PR department.


Dylan opens this day 271 of being a girl, addressing women, and explaining that "I wanted to clear the air ... I have never worked with Tampax before."

Tampax did send Dylan free tampons, though. That seems like it could have been directed elsewhere considering period poverty is a real issue in the United States. Kotex sponsors alliance for period supplies, while Tampax sends free tampons to Dylan Mulvany. Good to know.


The rest of this monologue that Dylan dubs is a conversation sounds a lot like the John Merrick plea at the end of the Elephant man, heaping guilt onto all the women who view this. 

"If a man, whether he was your boyfriend or your husband, could even be your gay best friend, kept a tampon for you at his house, just in case you needed it, you'd gush over him, you would run to brunch on Sunday and tell all your galpals that 'he's so thoughtful and he cares and he listens'... and then a trans woman does it and all of a sudden I'm the reason that there is a tampon shortage!" 

"It feels like you want me to experience the pain and trauma that you had to endure as a girl," Dylan says, and adds "your tweets are forever" and "hopefully soon transphobia won't be as tolerated online." Quite overt.

I'm not sure what I should stock up on in order to make my male pals gush about me at Sunday brunch, jock itch cream? Viagra? Rogaine? So I shall continue minding my business. Wouldn't want my mates to start wondering what the hell my angle is and get uncomfortable around me.


Tampax has been in hot water recently, #BoycottTampax trended after an ill-advised tweet and when Tampax tried to apologize for it, it didn't go too well. How people will react to learning that Tampax sent tampons to Dylan Mulvany remains to be seen.


If you do want to help end period poverty, you can donate to the Cova project, the alliance for period supplies, or UNFPA. If you want to hire Dylan as a speaker reach out to CAA

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He is such a goof.

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Fetishist complains that women and girls don't want to be compelled to participate in their fetish.

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Switch the the cup. Tampons and pads are now products for autogynophilic men to shove up their arse and steal used ones to get off. Switch the reusables. Or put pepper on your used ones.