Freda - Cycle / with no presumptions and no inhibitions (2021) 2:00 (UK)

"Feeling ashamed when going to buy a product" my father wasn't ashamed to pick up tampons for my mother when they were vacationing in Italy in the seventies, despite having to do an elaborate set of charades worthy of a Monty Python skit in order to explain to the shop assistant what he needed as he couldn't speak a lick of Italian. "Cycle" is Freda's new range of direct to consumer period subscription products, "with no presumptions and no inhibitions."

Why would anyone feel ashamed to buy a perfectly normal product? But I suppose this is a very good strategy to employ if your only market is "people who would rather pay our ridiculous markup than suck it up at the shop" which may be the only direct-to-consumer period-subscription market. One line even says "everyone should have access to these products," but honestly everyone does. They are right there, on a shelf in the store. Just like condoms, you can go grab the brand you like, walk up to the cash register, and pay for it. It's not like they card me when I buy condoms saying "hey wait a minute little missy, you don't have a penis". Nobody cares. 

Client: Cycle 

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You write an article about a crazy tiktoker and now I'm in the hell rabbithole that is the transgender tag. Fentanyl is clearly what people are smoking in advertising these days. This product created a problem to solve.