Harnessing CATS to save the TIGER, times three.

A while back, Swedish Creative (Art) Director Kenneth Pilo of Pilo Bold Me showed off his case study of the long-running catfood campaign to save the tigers he helped create in Sweden. The brand Lantmännen Doggy & Tetra Pak donated a chunk of the income from you buying their cat food to help save the tigers via the WWF. But better still, cats could become a tigers sponsor, adopting a tiger and promising to donate to them every month.

As the case study shows, every tiger in the world now has a Swedish cat sponsor.

Funny thing, a little later and inspired by the success in Sweden Whiskas and WWF did the same thing over in the UK, directing people to save tigers by buying cat food. You'd think I was ready to Badland it right there, but wait, there's more... Tracy Frauzel, Mobilisation Strategy Director of the Greenpeace Mobilisation Lab met swede Thea Hamrén of London based Mr President at Hyper Island, where they worked on a forest and tiger student project. Now Mr President has launched Cats Save Tigers, complete with a website that has ironic use of comic sans, day-glo colors and casio music.

The Cats Save Tigers idea for Greenpeace differs in that it doesn't sell any cat food, or in fact raise any money. Just awareness. In meme-form. With internet cat-celebs. You can upload your kitteh-picture and message, share it on facebook and meme-ify like mad, as a handful of people have.

We'll let the tigers know.
No celebrity internet cats were harmed in making these images. In fact, we don't even know if they were paid. You know these cats have agents, right? Yes, it has come to that, internet cats have agents, while you can't get that headhunter to return your call.

The three clips are below, for your convenience.

Mjau / Cat helps cat

Whiskas Cats Help Tigers

Greenpeace Cats Save Tigers

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Twitter has forever killed comments I suppose, so here's what we got on twitter:

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If the Tigers don't object, it is a lofty goal saving them by any means necessary.

Campaigns are nice but shooting poachers on sight is another way. Unfortunately, outrageous amounts of money from buyers of "magic potions", for example, will drive the local market. Humans are good at fooling themselves. "The Tiger Fix" for bad-day-at-the-baby-chute will be replaced with "Rhino Horn" or some other psychophysiological solution. (Maybe a nice PLANT psychotropic is better: in USA Schedule I Rx. Busted!

The Greenpeace guys get a pass by me.