I see ghosts - plural! - Interview with the creators of ghost

Here's a dupliclaim I never thought would happen, but I have seen many many ghosts lately.

First spook encounter was in March and later in April when an interview with Jeff Goodby - done by a ghost - was sent out planet wide. This was the mere beginning of Ghost plan of raising unpublished ads up on the pedestal they deserve.
These ghosts later invaded Cannes during the adfest to scream a different kind of booh than usually heard in those parts.

here comes the second ghost.. [read more]

The Ghost mag - a kind of Lürzers archdive of the best ideas that never were - is already busy printing their second issue, whilst still buzzing along on their plans for Ghost tv and Ghost award.
Their american members waited patiently for their first issue to arrive, as Anthrax scares in the US made the postal workers wary of strange glossy envelopes containing one big thick pristine white magazine.
Lucky Ghost isn't mailed out from Colombia, but Brazil.

Whilst the storms over ghost ads entered in Cannes are still raging, and Cannes Lions have just decided to not create a seperate category for non-published ads, Ghost is creating a place to be honored instead.

And today, pressmail reveals a new Ghost - Ghost Fest an award for the ads that never were? Sound familiar?

Prisma magazine are the brains behind this one. Though not located in Brazil, I had to give 'em a ring and ask them whats up.

db: So where did you get the idea for Ghost?
prisma: It was after the Brazilians [i'm assuming she meant the ongoing award scandals this year], our president came up with the idea.

db: Sounds good. Have you guys heard of another ghost out there, a Magazine called Ghost as well?
prisma: yes, but it's not the same thing. This is different.

db: Oh, so the difference is they do a magazine with Ghosts and you make an award with Ghosts?
prisma: Did you want to enter the Ghost award or..?

I said no and rang off, in order to play detective elsewhere.

Facts about the first Ghosts : the domain name Ghostonly.com was registered on December/2001

the website Ghostonly.com was published on January 2002

In Brazil: the name GHOST was registered on February 2002 at the INPI - Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (Industrial Property National Institute) and the number of the protocol is 824285131

the interview with Jeff Goodby done by Ghosts was - Monday, April 22, 2002 1:42 PM

Their respective logo's [the second one also comes in white]

first Ghost:

second Ghost:

It might just be me - but I do find it sublimly ironic that an award designed so that - "Advertising Creativity can benefit from a Showroom where new trends can be observed and discussed and where new ideas can be rewarded." is an already done idea in itself.

Down to the name, no less.

But the real shame here is that a good ad-mag such as prisma, who really should have their finger on the pulse of the adworld, apparantley don't.

the original Jeff Goodby interview, courtesy Ghost [the original]

----- Original Message -----
From: ghostonly
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 12:30 PM
Subject: "Jeffrey Goodby said:"


Ghost Project (Magazine, Internet and TV) - the first project totally dedicated to ghost (or scam) ads - is sending you an interview with Mr. Jeffrey Goodby - President of Film and Press&Poster (Cannes Festival).
As he was never been interviewed by ghosts - "If I have, they didn't identify themselves as such", we think that is a very good opportunity to talk about this issue with humor, intelligence and elegance.

For more information about our project, please go to: www.ghostonly.com.

Thank you very much,
Ghost team.


The interview:

Ghost: "Mr. Jeff, as the President (Film and Press & Poster)
of Cannes Festival, what are your expectations about this year?

Mr.Jeff: "I believe it's been a hard year, financially and
spiritually, for this business. I hope that the screening
and celebration of some great work we're all jealous of will
help us all rededicate ourselves to humor and beauty."

Ghost: "What about the scam or ghost ads inside the Festival?"

Mr.Jeff: "I've made it clear, I think, that ghost ads should not be part of this festival in any way. There are clear festival rules about this, and the illegal inclusion of ghost ads
hurts the legitimate winners who have had to have their work
approved and paid for by real clients.
However, I feel that it should not be the job of the judges
to waste time screening for this. The festival should take
care of screening to the best of their abilities before the
judges see the work. After that, I will investigate
possible ghosts only in extreme cases."

Ghost: "Did you know that the creative insight for Ghost
(Magazine, Internet and GhostTV) came just after the reading
of an Advertising Age's article?
(02/20/2002) about the meeting you had with the O&M's CEO)"

Mr.Jeff: "That's good to hear. I think it's a terrific response to
the problem, providing a forum for everyone to see innovative andexperimental ghosts."

Ghost: "We deeply believe in two things: Ghost can help Cannes and other festivals to get rid of 'ghost' ads and at the same time, help creative people to show the world their work by giving them an special place - what do you think of that?"

Mr.Jeff: "Congratulations for creating this site. I wish you much luck with it. As to whether it will totally eliminate
ghosts at Cannes, well, it will help. It may be hard to do
away with them altogether. I hope this is the year when it
all becomes less of a distracting issue."

Ghost: "Have you ever been interviewed by ghosts?"

Mr.Jeff: "If I have, they didn't identify themselves as such."

Ghost: "Any message for Ghost's Community?

Mr.Jeff: "Be funny. Be bold. Be inspirational. And get your work out there through the proper channels.


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