JavaScript billboard headline tells you to mask up against covid - forever.

Santa Clara County has come out with a very odd choice of billboard headline as Covid information. It's written entirely in Javascript.

They also tweeted out this message,  "Execute this code to debug COVID."

Well, now - there might be an entire generation who grew up on Javascript and people who can sorta read code, but is this really the best way to communicate a covid-message? Even if all the billboards are in silicon valley? It's an interesting tactic for a PSA; for sure, but as for the code itself, it's kind of depressing. It tells me to mask up until I die. There is no out from the loop other than not satisfying the condition ‘still alive’. That's dark, yo. 


It's also interesting that it's the tech community they want to target with this message, the big tech companies were the first to work from home. They probably all mask up and are vaccinated already. Meanwhile large communities of low-income non-English-speaking immigrants who are Latino, Vietnamese, Korean who are being hospitalized in the County of Santa Clara in far larger numbers are not being targeted with a "mask up" message. 

Are you still alive? Keep masking up!
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