Jeremy’s Razors takes a torch to Harry's and Gillette aiming to be the best a conservative man can get.

In an obvious over-the-top parody of DollarShaveClub's "Our Blades Are F***ing Great" debut commercial, Jeremy’s Razors enters the scene. Instead of traversing through a cheap warehouse, the oh so humble God-King CEO parades around in Gucci, swilling bourbon, while he declares an all-out war on other razor companies. This after making a grand entry in a McLaren, almost running over an employee. He's also trailed by model assistants and checks out a flamethrower along the way. As you do.

"Do you remember when there were two genders, and only one and a half of them had to shave their mustaches? ...." 

" Harry's Razors used to advertise on our shows - that's before some peon who works for me went and said that boys are boys and girls are girls and that was just too much for Harry's..."
"They called it values misalignment, you're damn right our values are misaligned, and it's not just Harry's either, Gillette razors used to be the best a man could get, until they decided that men are too toxic, unless you're the kind of man who teaches his daughter to shave her beard..."

And here comes his pitch, "if you've had enough of the woke and are tired of paying companies like Harry's and Gilette to hate you, buy my new razor instead" he says as he sets fire to the competition with a flamethrower. Subtle. 
The targeting here is to grab the people that the "men of tomorrow" Gillette ad ticked off. That adverse reaction was compounded when dad taught a trans-identified to shave,  and then the alternatives like Unilever owned Dollar Shave Club showed everyone including drag queens getting ready, which didn't seem to cause as much uproar but made some walk away from that brand as well. Wilkinson Sword owned Harry's was the last brand standing, that is, until a Twitter user with she/they pronouns and only 2 followers at that time (now they have 45) complained that Harry's advertised on Michael Knowles show. "The same Michael Knowles who is spreading homophobic and transphobic content. He had Joesph Nicolosi jr as a guest on his show and equates being trans to having schizophrenia." the Twitter user named @flyingsodacan1 said. Harry's responded as if a major influencer or celebrity with extreme pull had just admonished them publically:


So Harry's withdrew their advertising from the Daily Wire while condemning the media companies' product on the way out. And that was the start of this razor war.

So yes, the razors are real and can be purchased at, which will simply redirect you to Jerry's Razors. The target market is obviously anyone who shaves and is irritated by "woke", which may be a rather large market segment, though I would love to see the research on that. In my humble opinion, I wish we had products that didn't constantly take a stand, I just want a razor, you know? But in the days of greenwashing, ethics-washing, LGBTQ+washing it was invariable that would eventually get revolt-washing. Every action creates a reaction.

So here we are, differentiating razors that are all essentially the same and priced similarly by the ads brand attitudes, much like we've done for brown soda for decades. Except this is truly political in essence.

The Daily Wire started this endeavor because as Jeremy Boreing explains it [the left] “is happy to bifurcate the culture, ripping it in two. They’re convinced there will be no economic consequences for this because, as I said, you need their products.”

“So, to win, we have to rip the economy in two. We have to give conservatives their own companies and their own products to buy. We have to build market alternatives that, in success, will force the Left to take real losses if they don’t compete directly for our business.” Jeremy Boreing continued.

“It means fighting in the economy and culture, not just complaining about the economy and culture. And it means starting for-profit companies that create economic incentives for better behavior.”


After years of people saying "build your own social media" and "build your own youtube/Reddit/bank/credit card company" I'm a little surprised that we've reached "build your own razor company", but here we are. What next?



Ad Agency: In-House at the Dailywire

Principal talent: Jeremy Boreing

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So when bands couldn't survive on streaming services, they sold t-shirts. And when media companies can't be supported by ads, they launch competing products... This is a very interesting escalation of the "cancel" wars.

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Not true. The Daily Wire has been pretty profitable, even their new movies are doing quite well.

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I'm not the other adgrunt so I'm not 100% on what exactly they meant. but I think it's really interesting that media companies are now also product companies, so I agree with "This is a very interesting escalation of the "cancel" wars."

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So now I'm "taking a stand" when I shave too? It's all so tiresome.

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Yep,. Time to get the news.... The culture war is real and getting hotter.

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A little late to the party. Gillette had an offensive commercial bashing men in a generalizing manner and then Harry's stated that anyone who believes that gender identity does not effect biologica sex are horrible people. The other companies have already taken a stand against a large portion of their customers and you are only reacting now?

kidsleepy's picture

For years all we heard from conservatives was that they didn't like politics in their products. I wonder how many of them will like it now that it's the so-called "right politics," vs how many of them will find it hypocritical. It's as if Daily Wire is essentially saying "We haven't been able to beat them and we're losing advertising money left and right so we might as well take a page from their playbook and see if it works."

Are there any apolitical products left? I'm fiercely politically independent and hate this kind of crap. I neither want to be forced to choose a side, nor do I want brands to do anything but take my money, give me my product and shut up.

And even though this is a real ad for a real product it feels fake. As if DW needed to fill some ad space and thought "might as well fill it with our own products." More power to them if it works, I guess, and it certainly got them press. But I just wonder how many conservatives will feel exhausted by this as opposed to inspired.

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Ah, our resident contrarian, always interesting to get your perspective. I agree that consumers have grown increasingly tired of buying a cause or opinion with their brand, but I think that applies to an older demographic who don't invest their personality into the brands they use. The younger 'shitposters' may find this heavily publicized "spite brand" so hilarious that they overwhelm Jerry's with orders. I have no doubt that people will laugh at the ad, it's well executed and invites the viewer to be in on the joke.

My bigger concern is where does the brand go from this launch?

Being a "spite brand" as a strategic proposition can only take you so far. It'll be interesting to see how it develops, after all Dollar Shave Club went from irreverent silliness mocking drug store razor cages, to being as colorful and specifically diverse that I thought they cribbed from Gillette's brief.

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I got as far as the girl shaving and got bored. tldw.

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As a parody skit it's funny, as a commercial it's just too long.

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I agree with Boering, why give your money to a company that hates you? Its really that simple.

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I generally avoid brands that have a lot of advertising because the advertising these days is all cause related.