Jerone Davison just ran a campaign ad complete with Klansmen and his AR-15

Jerone Davison is running for congress for the state of Arizona, and he's just come out with an ad that is sure to get talked about everywhere. He even tweeted the ad out with the comment "Make Rifles Great Again 💪🏿" and that tweet now has over 15 thousand likes. 

The film shows Jerone in a gray classic suit, having coffee and then praying at his kitchen table, as Ku Klux Klan men in hoods are preparing to attack his house. The klan-men are armed with pitchforks and barb wire bats. What they did not expect is Jerone marching out to greet them, armed with an AR-15. 

"Democrats would like to say that no one needs an AR-15 for self-defense, that no one could possibly need all 30 rounds. But when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you might just need that semi-automatic and all 30 rounds."

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