Jung von Matt explain the Lullaland screenshots: Art Director mistake. Okay....

There's an update to Faking it in social media = youtube hits? Jung von Matt has replied to Ivan : "Finally, we never intended to initiate such a huge discussion in the social web in order to promote our video. "

First of all we would like to apologize for using your blog by mistake in our Fey&Co. video. In the heat of the battle one of our art directors took the wrong screens we used in the client presentation as an example for how the video could spread in the web. We totally understand your disappointment and anger and of course we are going to cut out all the wrong stuff.

They then list a few links that wrote about their lullaby-tweet-site. They end on a positive note:

Furthermore, all tweets that are shown in the video are real and not faked. You can reassure yourself by sending a tweet with the hashtag #goodnight. Or just search lullaland via twitter search and you will find all recaptured tweets from the past 2 weeks. Finally, we never intended to initiate such a huge discussion in the social web in order to promote our video. We hope you still enjoy our creative work detached from the ongoing debate.

Oh, so they were busy faking screens for client presentations, and when it was time to cut the case study, they got their folders mixed up. Uh-huh. Let's watch their video again, once more, with feeling!

Lullaland case study


Am I the only one who gets bothered by clients needing screens like this in order to understand an idea?

Anyway, I already tried reassuring myself (read: I wanted to see if actually worked or not), and have tweeted #goodnight from my dabitch account and my adland account.

No replies. So it's not working for me.

Advising one to search on lullaland on twitter after this hubub might not be the best idea either, as everyone is busy discussing the case video.


Some folks are replying to @Lullaland and they clearly have better luck than me. Hit and miss then? Or does it care about geographical location?

Here's some of negative press it managed to gather.

Oopsie again. Jung von Matt: Social-Media-Fake oder Lapsus im Lullaland? Work that matters: Faking it

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