L'Oréal Paris - Tru Match / Jesper / Märta / Ärr / Scar (2017) :30 (Sweden)

The press release doesn't tell me what the lovely redheads name is, but we learn that blond Märta loves TruMatch because it doesn't hide her scar. Meanwhile, Jesper likes it because it matches his skin, he was always standing out "because I am of mixed heritage."

With TruMatch they both found the color that matched their skin.

This is part of the European launch of L'Oréal Paris "diversity embracing" campaign that transgender model Munroe Bergdorf as fired from. As you can see here, by diversity they don't just mean people of different races, to the mix we're adding people from different sexes, thereby expanding market. L'Oréal Paris pretty much owns the foundation for young people market as it is, if they want to attract more buyers, they need to tell men to use foundation. As they do here.

TruMatch does have a unique selling point though, it does come in many, many colours. Of course, anyone who has skin has a colour that is quite uniquely theirs, and the rainbow of foundation colours is a response to this, so this strategy makes sense. But will men start wearing foundation? Only if it looks like they're not wearing foundation....

Client: L'Oréal Paris

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