MoveOn does the subservient chicken dance

Subserviant president created by does just what the subservient chicken did, that is anything you tell it to. Almost.

Try "Get drunk", "weapons of mass destruction", "foreign policy", "bite me", "magic trick" and "lie to me" for starters.

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"ask to see my foreign policy" & "choke" brings up a chained and abused prisoner..
Don't forget to "address United Nations".

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Bwahahahaha - guys guys, type "secret" - that's the best one!

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"Pray to the lord god almighty"

kamari's picture

when you type "invade north korea".....

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National guard
wrap yourself in the flag
John Kerry
free speech
show me an intelligence failure
Richard Clarke
kiss laura
mission accomplished
Snort Cocaine

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"find Dick Cheney"

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He typed "I took a new oath of office" to me when I tried that...

and when I typed "ask me a question" he dragged that prisoner into the room.

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"WMD" is funny and sad at the same time. I like how he prances around.