The NameGame: Your name in lights! (and a suave ipod in your pocket!)

Wordwizards and cunning linguists, we have a little game for you - if you come up with a winning name for a nameless ad agency you can win neat stuff!

The 1st prize is one ipod mini 4Gb. or Knomo ixopo laptop bag
2nd prize ipod Shuffle 512 Mb
3rd prize Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World's Best Campaigns (a very good read.)

And the booby-prizes? 20 super adgrunt memberships here on Adland. It's all good! Read more on how to play inside.

The brief: a Copenhagen ad agency needs a new name and are willing to baptise themselves with your suggestions. They say: "We're looking for a cool and different name that will denote high creative standards and sound strategic planning. Piece of cake. Right?"

Sure, well lets get cracking then - write your name suggestions down, and a brief reason for said name (optional) and email it off to: at once.

Last date of entry: no later than August 15 2005

Winners will be announced: August 22 2005 on

Whatsinitforyou? Lotsatoys!

1st prize ipod Mini 4Gb. or a Knomo Ixopo laptop bag (your choice)
2nd prize Ipod Shuffle 512 Mb
3rd prize Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World's Best Campaigns
Plus 20 1-month super adgrunt memberships here on Adland.

All rights to the winning name belongs to "The Agency" without further payment.

Jury: "The Agency" CD and CEO. The jury has the right not to award a winner.

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Files must be less than 1 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg gif png wav avi mpeg mpg mov rm flv wmv 3gp mp4 m4v.
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Someone just emailed me the question: Do we need to send one name per email, or can they all be dumped into one email? - I say dump them all into one email, that'll be fine. :)

personally I always wanted to name an agency "sleep" so I could say "I'm going to sleep" when really, I was going to work. ha!

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My favorite creative agency names are Secret Weapon Advertising, Mother and Strawberry Frog.

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Can the name suggestions be in any language?

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Some Latin and French terms have already been suggested. So, why not? ;)

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Jury: "The Agency" CD and CEO. The jury has the right not to award a winner.

Does this mean they can use the name and not award you ???

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No. This means that if we dont like any of the name we don't HAVE to pick a winner.

But. Judging by the ammount of cool and funny names we have recieved. I serously doubt that that will be the case.

You digg??


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Yeah there's some really great (and funny, and funky) names being sent in. I have no doubt that one of them will be on the agency door in he future.

Oddly enough, there's already so much spam being sent to the namegame - *sigh* - those guys don't even wait a second do they? Apparantly the namegame won 0NE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND United States dollars in some lottery already and has a uhm.... challenged penis. Go figure.

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mosquito (gets under your skin, sucks the blood out of the product)

Atmosphere / Admosphere
two to tango / Tango
laid back / tranquila

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I can't believe that hasn't offered to buy the rights of naming the nameless agency yet!

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