New York Times discovers ad agency blogs

The NYT has discovered advertising agency blogs, and blogs that write about advertising. In Madison Avenue Ponders the Potential of Web Logs they predict many more to come and blogs as advertising space.

Sadly they don't mention our favorite ad agency blog at the moment, which is TBWAblog from Portugal, but they do mention another one we like, trendspotting Influx insights from Sausalito California, and Butler Shine & Stern.

The usual mistakes from old media are made, they rarely link and on most typed blogspot URLs they erroneously add "www" to the front (even though there are none).

A+ for effort guys, D for the rest.


The post I made earlier this month about advertising blogs has gathered plenty more via trackbacks and link submissions, now there are 106 advertising blogs in the links!

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Sadder still, they don't mention the oldest advertising blog on the net today. AdLand. ;)

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Even more sad, they have not included ADLAND!

Andreas-Udd's picture

JINX! hahaha.

Do you think we should call and tell them?

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We're in good company - they also ignored what is probably (I'm pretty sure) the oldest advertising agency weblog giving us heads up on fonts, films, illustrations design and trends since 1999 (in blog-form). Though the site was born in 1996, like us.

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"Web logs have had an astonishing season this year, enough to freckle the faces of bloggers who do not, as a rule, get much time outdoors."

Starting off with a statement like that, Nat Ives needs to obviously wake up and realize what year it is. It totally turned me off from his assessment, because he apparently knows nothing about the subject.

Also- why is it that the NYTimes can successfully create "in-story links" about companies with information on their site, but not do so with the blogs? My guess if fear of readers going to the site of what they are talking about, but, perhaps they need a lesson themselves in user interfacing with a magical thing called "open in new window". ;)

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Yes that was really condescending from someone who can't make a proper link and thinks blogspot URLs begin with "www". Clue-less. Hello?

Someone should write them, Coudal should have Kudos and so should AdLand, being the old guard and all. Old media will never catch up unless someone helps the poor things.

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Don't be too hard on them. They just discovered the Internet a few months ago.


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hehehe. :))

Just to see others people's takes on this: DREADNOUGHT says:

Seems bean counters are discovering the value of blogs [snip] Sounds like the death of the blog to me, but hey blogging is for everyone even refrigerator salesmen.

SixApart are taking the mentions of Movable Type-powered blogs better than us, not complaining one bit about the fact that the URLs to the lowly blogs aren't even linked. :) Graceful style Anil!

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soooo wait... www (notice the extra space..) isn't with double-us but at I thought it was at

(take that NYT!)

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I know, that is sad.

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Double-us? Double... Oh, it took me way too long to understand you meant the www