Now THAT's using your noggin'

I saw this story in Adweek last week and had to check it out for myself. Numbskull or Brainiac??? We'll find out soon enough

At, this gentleman is selling ad space on his bald head.

Personally, there's not a client on my agency's roster who would consider doing this. But it could be great for clients who advertise hats, Hair Removal, Barber shops, Floor Wax, Bowling Balls, Pool Cues, Grass Fertilizer, Weed-B-Gone, and lots of other interesting products.

Maybe he could become the focus of a co-op campaign featuring Hair Club For Men and Miracle-Gro. Perhaps it's the ideal medium to promote the latest R.E.M. cd. Is it possible for a head to get a shoe contract? So many possibilities...

Is this really any different, however, than people who wear baseball caps with logos on them? At least then, you can more effectively TARGET your message. Cap forward, cap backward. Merle's Plumbing Supplies one minute, Boston Red Sox the next. It's an ongoing and interchangeable campaign.

I know one thing for sure: if the guy has any selling ability or personality at all (plus commitment, you HAVE to have commitment) he'll be more effective than a silent billboard that can't tell you more about the product it's pitching.

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