PETA want Ben&Jerry's to use breast milk instead of cows milk

In effort to try and out-do their usual offensiveness, PETA has added a layer of extra gross as PETA urges Ben&Jerry's to use women's breast milk instead of cow milk.

"The fact that human adults consume huge quantities of dairy products made from milk that was meant for a baby cow just doesn't make sense," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Everyone knows that 'the breast is best,' so Ben & Jerry's could do consumers and cows a big favor by making the switch to breast milk."

Ben&Jerry's spokespeople should get an extra helping of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream for this perfect balancing act of diplomacy:

"We applaud PETA's novel approach to bringing attention to an issue, but we believe a mother's milk is best used for her child," said a spokesperson for Ben and Jerry's.

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