Phallic logo's revisited

There are a few more gems to be added to the phallic logo collection.

First up, the aptly named "modern tvätt", I'm not sure if this logo insunuates that they only wash soiled sheets or not. But it sure is

Then there's Benton and Overbury which might as well have been named bend over. What is that, a butt with a tramp-stamp?

The biggest dick of neon signs created this monstrosity.

Lets not forget our old favorites, kudawaras accidental sex.

The "Instituto de Estudos Orientalis" which we named the best logo ever because before this we didn't know that studying 'orientalis' includes butt-sex.

The by now classic (and since the internet uproar about it, redesigned) The Arlington Pediatric Center

And an honorable mention goes to the fantastic art direction of this slab of meat.

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brandonbarr's picture

Benton & Overbury's is quite obviously a pearl necklace.

Dabitch's picture

...from a guy with terrible aim. ;P

amoeba's picture

That slab of meat frightens me.

Imanaddy's picture

I read it as "Modern twat" and thought it was some gay club sign....

larsbimbo's picture

Austin Motel - "yet so far out", indeed.

wendellwit's picture

Some fool posted a similar-themed piece at MeFi, so I linked this in the first comment. Imagine thinking that ANYONE ELSE could be more an expert on phallic-looking logos... maybe I should rephrase that.

Dabitch's picture

....ah, uhm.. well, thank you, I guess. ;) But you know it's true - I am an expert in phallic looking logos. In fact I'm printing that on my business cards. I have been penis-preoccupied for a while... Did you see the Bite Sale poster?

Halz's picture

"Phallic logo's revisited"..... "logos", plural form, does not have an apostrophe.

kidsleepy's picture

Thanks, Halz, for your insightful comment on a six-year old article written by an English as a Second Language author. However, you might not have realized it isn't a plural, but a contraction, as in "Phallic Logos Is revisited." Should she have written Phallic logos are revisited," then the contraction would have been "Phallic logos're revisited" and that would almost be as weird as my having to explain to you the headline of an article you didn't read.

Dabitch's picture

Phallic Logo is revisited. "Phallic Logo" was a thing back then. Singular. Because funny.