Polish retailer Jabłka Adama Takes A Bite At Apple

Here's a tricky one. You're an Apple reseller. How on earth do you rival a company which is known for its luxuriously minimalist interiors, industry-leading customer service, and a legendary user journey? How do you compete on an even footing, when you know any attempt at mimicry will feel like a cheap knock-off?

The answer: you do as Polish retailer Jabłka Adama (Adam's Apples) has done, and give the Apple aesthetic your own unique tongue-in-cheek twist.

The agency behind the concept, MINIMA Advertising People explain their vision:

From the Silicon Valley to a grocer’s store...

What does a MacBook have in common with a fruit stand?

A Polish Apple reseller has found an innovative way to stand out from the crowd: selling Apple products at... a fruit stand.

High-tech products from the Silicon Valley and Poland’s top export make a great team. Proof? The concept was the founding idea behind Jabłka Adama – a brand that entices Apple fans in a way that’s truly its own. Its corporate identity consciously omits elements inherent to the high-tech industry. These are replaced, both in the store and on the website, by smiling faces, juicy apples and an invitation: Bite now! Why such a tag-line? It’s simple - Anna Szymczak, Managing Director at MINIMA explains. – We’ve shown customers the joy of making buying Apple products as easy as biting into an apple.

Here's the crunch - whether you find the use of rosy-red apples, unvarnished wood, calm grey slate and contrastingly warm monochrome visuals to be incredibly charming - or not - will come down to where you stand on a personal aesthetic. But it is an undeniably warm and humanistic interpretation of the Apple brand. I can easily see how this would give many the confidence to bite down.

MINIMA Advertising People - whose motto is "Big things have small beginnings" summarise the project:

Refinement in every detail makes this reseller stand out among the competition.

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