Prius - The Longest Chase #GoPriusGo (2016) 1:40 (USA)

Robbers rob a bank, steal a Prius and the longest pursuit happens. Here's how I think this went down, a brief lands on the desk of the creatives asking them to "make Prius cool, please" and frantic idea-making begins. After exhausting all avenues, someone turns on the TV for news spots a stolen Prius in a classic LA police pursuit and *bam*, brief solved! Someone calls the whitest crooks from The Wire to add to the pursuit mix, and another genius adds "Apache" by the incredible bongo band as their suitably exotic groove track and jokes are cracked about shopping at farmers market. Voice of reason mutters something about making the police look bad, and even joking about police chases in the current climate might be unwise, but is shouted down. Bob Garfield notes: "Prius-driving bank robbers. I think that may be pretend. Of course, why would the police care? They're white." In the end, the ad fails to make the Prius look cool, unless of course you're the farmers market, listening to Apache, and totally divorced from current event types; then yeah. Very cool.

Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi , Los Angeles

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