Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 - Todrick Hall / "Flip, Fold, Snap, Clack" (2021) 2:00 (USA)

"I don't click, I clack!"

Todrick Hall reworked the song “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels,” for Samsung so he's now touting the flip-phone's ability to "Flip, Fold, Snap, Clack" instead. Hall and his troupe of dancers weave the Z Flip3 phone in and out of colorful, candy-coated scenes and some intricate high-heeled choreography.

The original song went viral for obvious reasons, it's sticky, catchy and has Tiktok-able dance moves that go with it. But it's not so simple to get the same effect once it is an actual ad. The short edit of this ad has stalked everyone on Reddit for some time, and Samsung forgot to close the comments, which led to a load of Redditors asking how they could make it go away - and why it was "so gay?" as it clearly reached people in subs not prepared for men in high-heels and salon nails. Protip, watch who you target. It may be a catchy ad, but after the billionth viewing, it's annoying. This is the ad that made me not buy the flip3.

My favorite line in the song is "she's back, missed you bunches," as I really really adored all the flip-phones of yore. Particularly my Motorola Razor. There's a campaignable thought in the nostalgia for flip phones.

And, not to get picky, buuut, "I don't click, I clack!" is such an obvious rewrite from "crack" that I'm actually impressed by whoever was on the legal/strategy team that convinced the client to go with this in a song.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

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