Sloggi makes big asses out of themselves in Scandinavia, has website shut down.

Sloggi, the straight-laced die-hard plain cotton underwear brand recently launched a "show us your Sloggi" campaign on the web, just like the Sloggi and Daewoo competition of 2004 where the biggest, err, best ass wins. Visitors could upload a nice shot of their behind and other visitors could then vote on the best bum - the most popular gluteus maximus was naturally the one with the minimum of product covering it which seems to backfire (pardon the pun) if the intention was to actually show off some Sloggi's.

Soon plenty of marketing and media people remarked on the cheeky campaign with sarcastically spewing facts:

Sloggi have skillfully worked the media (Svd, DM and Resumé) and set up a fantastic site which takes care of young Swedish peoples secret need of showing their buttocks....[snip]...At this posting no less than 495 confused young Swedes (18-25 years) have registered. That's almost half a percent of the population, what a success!
The majority of the registered are Sloggi's primary target group, young masturbating males. They're roughly 64% of the registered. They do not post images of their own behinds, instead opting to enjoy everyone elses published backsides. Naturally they will reward Sloggi by buying boxes full of briefs!

Well, after much hub-bub in the comments of various newspapers in Sweden, and someone reporting the site to the Trade industry ethical advisory board (ERK) in Sweden, Sloggi has opted to remove the bum-fight competition. When you load the "Show us your Sloggi" part of the flash website now you'll be met with a note apologizing for the campaign "which people misunderstood and as a responsible brand we take this very seriously and have decided not to continue", the apology also brags about the handful of fanny-flashers who uploaded their behinds, 130 in Denmark and a pathetic 60 in Sweden. You'll get the same apology in Danish when you check out the Danish Sloggi site. The UK site might still have the game on, but I'll never know since it redirects me to Sweden's site based on my IP#. Is that one still on?

The campaign which says wants to know who has the "worlds most beautiful bottom" isn't checking worldwide, and never was to begin with as The Netherlands Sloggi site didn't join in on the fun since they already felt the backlash back in 2004. In conclusion, as a former Sloggi wearer, I'm not very impressed with the campaign. Recycling old ideas that were crap in the first place don't impress me much.

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"...has website shut down", like the tabloids you're exaggerating just a tad aren't you?

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heh, yeah. Has (part of) website shut down just doesn't pack the same punch.

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I always thought that that scandinavians are liberals. Iguess I was wrong.Anyway, in israel we did something uniqe, we launched a blog in addition to the israeli contest site  (I am the content manager of that blog).Here is a link to that blog, it is in Hebrew so you might not be able to read it but you can understand what we are writing about.Show me your Slogg- Israel  

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>> I always thought that that scandinavians are liberals.

No, that's just a myth we spread in order to attract tourist to this cold northern tundra where the beer is the price of gold. ;P Ha!

I need to brush up on my Hebrew. clearly. All I get from that is that some people are either promoting the games or suggesting improvents to it (by suggesting email invites). Did I get that right?

Do you know someone with the best buttocks in the world and (s/he's) still is not a participant in the competition? If yes then tickets/invites for contest is exactly what need in order to convince them to have their buttocks to be registered and to participate in the competition!!!

You can design tickets of invitations(?) personally in order that will adapt to whom that will receive them. It doesn't matter if they are fat, thin, blonds either or brown, (Something) or lovers of nature, everything can go in the ticket/invitation. ( Something)...

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Is there any language you don't read?

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Chinese and Klingon.

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I have a 'friend'* who is the President of the Klingon Language Institute. Do you want me to get you in touch with him, so that you can add Klingon to your expertise?
I have a copy (hardback!) of Hamlet in "the original" Klingon. ;-)

[* former member of my writing workshop - still have his email, home address, and phone #. He often is a guest at Science Fiction conventions (as am I on fewer occasions), especially since he managed to get a short story published. I'm sure he'd love to teach you, and maybe your whole crew at work....or maybe at Adland (virtually?).]


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An offer too good to pass up! I'd like to add "speaks klingon" to my resumé! How neat is that? Also, I now have book-envy. Who on earth translated Hamlet to Klingon? How do you say "something rotten in the state of Denmark.."? :))

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I'll send Lawrence an email this weekend - although he's at the WorldCon in Japan [I just checked, and he's listed as an attending member]. (He currently lives in Flourtown, PA - 5-10 miles north of Philadelphia, PA, USA).

Actually, the Klingon Language Institute (their Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project) translated it. I'm not sure how many people worked on it. I got a signed hardcover. And it's available in trade paperback now [12.00 USD].

From their website:
"Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project
Taking its cue from Star Trek VI, the KSRP has as its goal the restoration of the complete works of Shakespeare to the "original Klingon." One of the KLI's proudest accomplishments was the publication of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (The Restored Klingon Version) in March 1996, with a paperback version from Pocket Books in 2000. We hope to publish translations of Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth in the future; these translations are already in progress."

According to the website, Much Ado About Nothing is available, as is ghIlghameS (i.e. Gilgamesh).

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Quick addendum - he has kept his PO Box in Flourtown. He now lives in Phila. PA.

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This is awesome - it just struck me that Klingons might be the best advertising people in the universe. Hair enough for a pony-tail? Check! Funny/Funky facial-hair? Check! Warlike and anti-intellectual civilization? (Think of how many ad terms are war-terms) Check! Lack tear ducts (or is it conscience?) Check! Thus: tlhIngan maH!

If you think about it, it makes complete sense that we should learn Klingon, and perhaps help develop/update an ad dictionary in Klingon. ;P