Sneaky stealth advertising for an upcoming Zombie flick, or just hackers having fun?

I would love for this to be a real sneaky campaign for an upcoming Zombie Flick, I love Zombie flicks. I need to eat braaaiiins! Since I'm already in advertising and active on twitter, I have a leg-up on decent folks when it comes to becoming a real Zombie. As Fanboy so eloquently explains Social media experts on twitter are zombies and must be stopped:

The zombies then seek each other: You’ll always notice that of the 5,000 followers that a social media expert has that all 5,000 of them are also social media “experts”. Their only form of conversation is to quote each other and live tweet conferences where they gather. Like any good Ponzi scheme the lead zombies can make a good living feeding the hopes and aspirations of the worker level drones who parrot their every blog entry.

Please don't shoot me in the head, for I am but a lowly art director and do not aspire to become a social media guru of any sort. ;) However, back to the real road signs, it's probably "just a hack" and as "a blog to be reckoned with" points out, it's not even that difficult to do since the geeky-fun people at i-hacker have been kind enough to provide us all with a step-by-step tutorial. I know what I'm doing tonight, wanna come with me?

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