Streamlabs Revolutionizes Live Streaming With Catalyst-Led Branding in Global Campaign Directed by SixTwentySix's Iris Kim

Catalyst and Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and brand of Logitech, are thrilled to unveil an exciting evolution of Streamlabs' brand identity. The new brand campaign pays tribute to live streamers who overcome obstacles of the ever-evolving creator economy to build a community around their passions while showcasing Streamlabs' successful adaptability in meeting this industry's evolving demands and requirements. The new branding, including an electrifying campaign directed by SixTwentySix’s Iris Kim with intricately crafted VFX and motion design production by Shapes and Forms, debuted at TwitchCon 2023, the premier gaming convention.

Authenticity and Inclusivity Redefined
Together, Catalyst and Streamlabs in partnership with SixTwentySix, and Shapes and Forms, have evolved the live-streaming brand, focusing on authenticity and inclusivity. These updates emphasize that Streamlabs is the go-to platform for all, fostering a positive and authentic live-streaming experience for the global creator economy. As the live streaming landscape changes, Streamlabs has stayed in sync and updated their brand to best support creators in the emerging creator economy.

"Streamlabs has made significant strides in empowering live streamers, offering a wide range of tools such as video editing, short-form clipping, podcast creation, and more. Streamlabs' product offering has grown alongside the creator economy, which goes beyond content creation; it's about enabling individuals to pursue their dreams and build sustainable careers and communities around their passions,” explained Streamlabs Head of Marketing, Mikey Kilun. “To succeed as a content creator, one needs more than great streaming software. They require a comprehensive suite of tools for video editing, graphics creation, brand building, and community management. Our new brand campaign highlights the changing world of live streamers and the evolving creator economy, showcasing how Streamlabs has adapted its product offerings to meet these demands." 

A Kaleidoscope of Creativity
Created by Catalyst, produced by SixTwentySix, and directed by Iris Kim, with visual effects and post-production work done by Shapes and Forms, the ‘Unleash Your Live’ campaign is visually captivating and encapsulates the very essence of live streaming as well as the limitless possibilities of the internet.

SixTwentySix’s Kim, a Korean-Canadian director renowned for her storytelling capabilities, was specifically chosen to direct this piece to highlight the honest conversations, personalities, and vivid moments she’s known for. Her talent, combined with the motion graphics mastery and boldness of the Shapes and Forms team led by managing partner and executive producer Thomas Knight, made way for a piece that was not just culturally relevant but a culture driver itself.

On her concept for the anthem spot, SixTwentySix director Kim explained, "For each scene, it was important that there was a setup and a payoff. Witnessing our creators diligently preparing their gaming stations, building anticipation, and then – like magic – they are transported into an ethereal world where our UX/UI elegantly emerges, showcasing captivating glimpses of our talented creators' content. I wove the two pivotal moments together to craft smooth transitions between each scene so our piece feels like one big storyline, flowing from point to the other."

A testament to the entire team’s creative vision, the campaign showcases creators from diverse backgrounds, ranging from engaging storytellers to charismatic influencers who forge a profound connection with their audience. A distinctive feature of the project was the integration of graphics by Shapes and Forms into almost every shot of the campaign. These graphics played a crucial role in conveying the Streamlabs experience but also introduced an additional layer of complexity and effort for each shot. Each frame of the campaign bursts with life and energy, offering an entrancing glimpse into the world of online creators.

"Working in collaboration with Logitech, Catalyst, and SixTwentySix was an incredibly rewarding experience. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a unique branding campaign that remained true to the core identity of Streamlabs, authentically representing the diverse community of streamers featured within the campaign," shared Shapes and Forms' creative director Julio Ferrario. "From the project's inception, Shapes and Forms, played a pivotal role in creating graphics that captivated viewers from start to finish. We are immensely proud of our contribution to this extraordinary endeavor. Shapes and Forms brought together an array of exceptionally talented artists from around the globe, collaborating seamlessly to deliver outstanding results in a remarkably short timeframe. Our hope is that this campaign resonates with not only existing users and enthusiasts but also piques the interest of new customers, inviting them to join the Streamlabs platform and experience the magic of streaming in a whole new light."

“Our partnerships made this possible, and the outcome is breakthrough work,” said Catalyst’s Executive Creative Director, Carlos Musquez. “We poured our heart and soul into this campaign, with attention to every detail. We see this as so much more than just a brand campaign. To us, it’s a movement and a rallying cry to inspire and ignite a fire for the new wave of online creators and the greater creator economy. The most important thing was authenticity, and this campaign came from the heart, soul, and voices of real creators. We’re excited to share it and to help Streamlabs foster a community of passionate creators and gamers through innovative and inspiring content.”

Inspiring the New Wave of Creators
The campaign is a resounding call to the new generation of creators who revel in adventure and exploration. Viewers are transported as they witness creators meticulously preparing their gaming stations, building anticipation, and then seamlessly transitioning into enchanting worlds where user experience and user interface elegantly merge to showcase captivating snippets of their content. Scenes gracefully transition between night and day, exemplifying the best of both worlds. The campaign's objective is clear – to leave viewers feeling invigorated and motivated to become part of the live-streaming creator community. Streamlabs' “Unleash Your Live” campaign and brand positioning, meticulously crafted by Catalyst, designed by Shapes and Forms, and produced by SixTwentySix made its official debut at TwitchCon 2023 and can currently be seen across digital platforms.

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