Telia Lithuania - Bickering Neighbors (2021) :70 (Lithuania)

Two grumpy old men annoy each other via texts. Until Christmas, when the texts stop as one gets preoccupied with family visiting....

The narrative zips through a chain of situations where two elderly neighbors scold one another over text messages. And even though the vexation between these two is immense, so is the love – this mutual annoyance unravels the moment our heroes realize they can miss each other dearly.

Lithuanians have a special relationship with their neighbors. As the old anecdote goes, a typical Lithuanian is happy to see his neighbor’s house on fire. Sure, we will help put out the fire, but there will always be friction. Why do they neglect their lawn? How come they start mowing it exactly when we want to sit quietly and read a book? Why is their TV so loud? Why can’t I be drilling holes in my walls whenever I please?

At the same time, every second person over 65 years old is lonely in Lithuania. Often widowed, often with children living and working abroad. So in the midst of a pandemic and the never-ending vaxxer-anti-vaxxer tensions this video tells a story about two grumpy old neighbors who come to realize that quarreling is better than no communication at all and that Christmas is the time for a truce.

Client:  Telia Lithuania

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