On thin Ice.

Contains links and shots from commercials - not exactly the same idea - but spookily similar...

On thin Ice .

Once upon a time there was a celebrated campaign for an insurance company.. Their ads were funny, well styled, well directed and stressed that anyone with this insurance companies insurance could and would take dangerous risks... In a long running campaign along came the Ice skater in a hockey rink- it made a brilliant poster and was also made as a film. The film went on to win the ADCN directors award, and the peoples hearts as it was passed around the internet. Another slam dunk done by TBWA campaign company in the Netherlands.

Then someone sensed a Deja vu. Wasn't this film a wee bit too similar to another film with an Ice skater in a hockey rink, made two years earlier for Sprite? (see further down for link to QT's of both these commercials)






The purple clad dynamo on the right is the Delta Lloyd commercial created by Campaign Company/TBWA in Amsterdam. He swans about on the rink and even scores whilst out-skating the rough and tough hockeyplayers, who -as you can see in the last frame- are sure to reap a painful revenge.

The iceskater on the left on the other hand starts where the Delta Lloyd leaves off - The ad asks can Sprite make a great Iceskater a great Hockeyplayer? A couple of painful jabs and stabs later we realise this is not the case as the poor blue-clad and black and blue guy smashes in to a wall. It ends with the familiar tag - Image is nothing, Thirst is everything. Sprite.

So, the commercials are not telling the exact same story - but have a look and see what you think about this coincidence, for instance, is it one? No, I really want to know what you think of this. Hit that comment button! Go on!

Sprite Iced - Image is nothing / Ice Skater & Hockey can be seen here.

Zeker Delta Lloyd - Figure skater can be seen here.src="adland.tv/prite-iced-images-nothing-figure-skater-1999-30-usa"> Sprite Iced - Image is nothing / Ice Skater & Hockey can be seen here.

Zeker Delta Lloyd - Figure skater can be seen here.

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