ToughBuilt - All Pros Welcome / Super Bowl Prep (2023) :30 (USA)

Most Superbowl ads are created over a long period of time. The coveted media sells out by October, most creative briefs are handed out in August. Consumer future trends and research is poured over to make the right impact, and complicated ideas involving several celebrities that need to schedule-bend take time to produce.

So here comes the brand bucking all of that. In creating their products, ingenuity is king, so it's little wonder that what began as a quick think on social media Superbowl related content actually turned into a Superbowl ad. Well, sort of, it's a regional, in our new region - on streaming services.

This will air nationwide through connected TV including on the Fox, Fox Sports, and ESPN tv apps during the game, as well as across more than 70 streaming networks for the next four days in addition to all major social media networks and YouTubeTV.

From the little big idea born in a brainstorm session to finished ad took less than ten days.

"With one-day to shoot, where the head of marketing stepped in to direct, the writer became a 1st A.D., and our art director learned to slate on the fly- we wrapped at 5PM sharp and followed it up with 3 of the longest days of editing, coloring, and sound editing for a finished product that came smoking off our hard drive hours before our target launch." explains Steven Andrews Director of communications - and sometimes screenwriter, location scout, and 1st A.D. - at Toughbuilt.

How nimble, indeed.

If you thought that was impressive, the feat was pulled off by 9 people who are spread across 3 cities, and half of the team were attending a trade-show when the brainstorming session was held. Zoom meetings, man. Ain't technology grand?


I honestly hope the entire team do a re-enactment of this ad, using Toughbuilt bags and gear to drag all the Super Bowl fixings to the top boss' house. And perhaps they just expanded the market for these gear-holders, soon we'll spy these bags at tailgate parties everywhere. I actually want one now, that 16" Massive Mouth bag looks hella useful. My toolbox is an actual giant wooden box built by my great grandfather.

Client: Toughbuilt

Ad agency: In-House

Airing: Nationwide on streaming services, Fox, ESPN, Fox Sports.

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