We Are Royale Sparks the Passion for Flight in “Command the Stack” AR Tactical Flight Game for U.S. Air Force

Los Angeles, CA & Seattle, WA -- (December 1, 2021) -- Creative production company We Are Royale (WAR) recently partnered with Air Force Recruiting Service’s ad agency GSD&M to create “Command the Stack,” an AR tactical flight game for the U.S. Air Force (USAF). The vertical, single and multiplayer game reflects the Air Force’s commitment to embracing future-forward technology, such as augmented reality, while entertaining and educating the next generation of airmen. “Command the Stack” is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Simulating the real-life Air Force mission tactic known as “The Stack,” up to three players can work together in different roles to tackle a number of missions and unlock new objectives and aircraft in the process. A daily leaderboard updated in real-time ranks everything from top scores and achievements to flight hours, allowing players to gauge their performance against other app users.

To view more, please visit: http://commandthestack.com/

“Command The Stack aims to spark a passion for aviation in the future generation of Airmen,” says Maria D’Amato, GSD&M Head of Experience Design. “In addition to giving users a taste of the teamwork and skill needed to accomplish every U.S. Air Force mission, the game also provides a rare look at some of the branch's most advanced aircraft. While airshows give spectators the chance to see aircraft in action, Command The Stack gives players the chance to pilot them in their own living spaces using AR technology.”

“Our goal was to create a robust AR game that was fun and educational with added replay value,” says Loren Judah, WAR Creative Director. “The gameplay and the missions needed to be accurate to how the Air Force plans engagements while providing an immersive experience for recruits to learn the various roles, responsibilities, and opportunities the Air Force offers. On top of that, we also wanted this to be an entertaining and unique AR game.”

Once players open the app on their phones, they are prompted to move their phone around the room to find a flat, open space to place The Stack, which is presented as a futuristic 3D holographic table featuring three layers. Airmen working in the Top, Middle, and Bottom Stacks work together by gathering intelligence, neutralizing threats, and delivering aid to complete the mission. Each mission lasts approximately 10 - 15 minutes. Scores are based on four criteria:  following clear procedures, piloting the appropriate aircraft, mission objective accuracy, and teamwork across all stack layers.

“While the missions are fictional, the tactics, gameplay environments, weapons, and aircraft were all conceived and modeled to specifications,” says Judah. “At the same time, we stayed conscious of the fact that this was still a game, so we incorporated arcade-like elements to keep players engaged without overcomplicating the experience. There is only so much we can pack into a mobile AR game, so balancing realism with authenticity demanded a close look at what would make this experience stand out.”

The initial nine missions feature nine aircraft -- detailed models of actual Air Force aircraft, such as the F-35, A-10, MQ-9, and CV-22. Players can learn more about each one and their abilities in the Air Base encyclopedia also in the app.

“We got to see just how far the boundaries of AR can be pushed with this experience,” concludes Judah. “It was a challenging yet exciting undertaking to present the holistic experience of the Air Force with narrative-driven gameplay. The client trusted us to tell a good story and create an experience worthy of the USAF mission and its values, while showing the world that the Air Force is embracing the future – even when it comes to their own marketing and outreach.”


To download the app:

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/command-the-stack/id1588801625

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.usaf.commandthestack


Ad Agency: GSD&M


Producer: Jackie Purdy-Andrews 

Sr. Producer: Linda Jackson 

Director of Digital Production: Amanda Talmadge 

Associate Producer: Connor Miranda 



Group Creative Director: Jeff Maki 

Head of Experience Design: Maria D’Amato

Creative Director: Christopher Colton 

Art Director: John Wood 

Sr. Writer: Lauren Doerr 

Experience Strategist: Jay Esteves 



Account Director: Adrienne Strange 

Account Supervisor: Brittany Keegan, Allison McGuane


Business Affairs

Business Affairs Manager: Karen Gatewood 

Associate Business Affairs Manager: Lewis Caton 

Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Linda Nhan, JJ Gaines, Abbi Press, Gina Stevanovich

Director of Business Affairs: Lindsay Wakabayashi 



Technical QA Engineer: Joseph Kantar 

Sr. Word Processor: Denny House 

QA Specialist: Danylle Salinas-McCord 

QA Proofreader: Marcela Masso, Tracy Redd



Program Supervisor: Lisa Valencia 



Sr. Managing Producer: Lauren Sanders 

Studio Editor: Nick Grisham, Jacob Kern White, Cory Runyeon



Sr. Studio Artist: James Steckel


Design & Production Company: We Are Royale

Executive Creative Director/Partner: Brien Holman

Managing Director/Partner: Jennifer Lucero 

Creative Director: Loren Judah

Executive Producer: Beck Henderer-Peña

Head of Production: Eric Zapakin

Producer: Michael Cauchi, Jeremy Schaumann, Kyle McIntyre, Beck Henderer-Peña

Designer: Loren Judah, Christian Brown, Elleyce Pahang, Khairul Ahmed, John Almazan, Tim Smiley, Darius Maghen, Alexia Chuck, Faraz Abasi, Aryel Huckaby, Miro Klasinc

Animator: Soomin Park, Christian Brown

UX: Charlie Smith, Elleyce Pahang

3D: Julio Dean, Foram Jani, We Are Covert

Developer: Jason Lust, Ivan Cockrum, Jacob Fennell, David Hindman, Charles Thomas, Jacob Gordon

Web Developer: Ivan Cockrum, RESN


Digital Data Capture Partner: eshots


Sound Design Company: Dynamite Laser Beam


About We Are Royale (WAR):

WAR is a design-driven creative production studio with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, bringing innovative solutions to forward-thinking brand partners. Whether through traditional media or interactive experiences designed for play, WAR champions boundary-pushing creativity and storytelling through a collaborative process that arms partners with the tools to turn passive audiences into brand advocates. www.weareroyale.com


About the U.S. Air Force:

The mission of Air Force Recruiting Service is to inspire, engage and recruit the next generation of Airmen and Guardians. We are looking for America’s best and brightest to fill approximately 30,000 opportunities in more than 200 Air Force specialties, as well as more than 300 space professionals in approximately 27 specific career fields in fiscal 2021. Additionally, our total force partners, the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard are collectively hiring more than 19,000 part-time Airmen. Our military recruits to retain, providing tough, highly technical training that gives our future service members the right skills to sustain the combat capability of America’s Air Force and protect our nation’s interests in space. For more information about Air Force and Space Force benefits and opportunities, go to www.AirForce.com.


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