Winners of the Name Game

The NameGame which we announced here had a simple goal and even simpler participation "rules" (email your suggestions to a specific email address = not very hard to do). But all is fair in love and war and nobody reads on the internet, so suggestions were being sent all over the place - and some entrepreneurial people even tracked down the agency - also not hard to do. After all, the name game and the agency who wanted a new one were mentioned in Dagens Media (Sweden), Propaganda (Norway), Børsen (Denmark) and as far away as Brazil in Clube de Criação de São Paulo.

Well, in the end nobody is getting points for being internet sleuths here, but for their actual name suggestions. Without further ado here are the winners that the crew at the "formely known as Lunds" ad agency in Copenhagen decided were the best, after the jump. ;)

1st Prize - an iPod as he chose, plus of course seeing his suggestion on the door of an actual ad agency in Copenhagen!
Author : Conny Strömblad a.k.a adgrunt crstrom. Congratulations!
Motivation: a Maraschino is more than a cherry. It's a cherry that's soul purpose is to be "on top" of a variety of things.

2nd Prize - the Ipod Shuffle 512 Mb
Name : Kittenlipper
Author : Dennis Dryden

Dennis even had the cheek to suggest "The Dennis Dryden Ad agency". Hehe.

3rd Prize - the book "Creative Advertising"
Name : Sould
Author : Sandeep Rajan
Motivation: You can even sell souls/You've sold your souls to selling.

Congratulations kids!

Now for all the booby prizes in no particular order - super adgruntships - these names were fun too:
Brainiacs - suggested by Mitchell Rose: "fun sci-fi retro feel"

Copenhagency suggested by Nikolas Theilgaard

Diablo con Queso (DCQ) suggested by Greg Swan - "Why: translated from Spanish, DCQ means "devil with cheese." I don't speak Danish, so I decided I'd stick with a Hispanic-themed strategy that I'm sure will be original in Copenhagen...."

Elevator – Mette Lissau

Sisu - suggested by Jared Folkmann - "Sisu is a Finnish concept that combines inner strength, determination, perseverance in the face of adversity, and a strong work ethic. "

What Box - Sal Sen - "A confident response to 'thinking outside the box'"

JUJU – Karl Frankowski

Salt – Jane Goldman

Premonition – Dakotadusk

Nijinski – Michael Darby

Hype – Mathies Møller Højmose

Enola Gay - Emanuel Brito

Symbol – Adam Reed

The Sex Pixels - suggester ?

Fire starter – Lui Goldie

Zehn – Deann Venditte

My Agency is Your Agency / MAYA – Guillaume Schmitz

Fertilizer – Glen Gauthier

Ergo – David Ronnie

Bite – Lennart Kolmodin Why? 'Cause it leaves a mark!
I'll be emailing all you winners so that I know which accounts to upgrade. If you happen to see this post before I've reached you feel free to let me know your adgrunt name at once by emailing the hostmaster..... Or simply by commenting below. :)

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Thank you very much!

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I gotta say...MARASCHINO is an awesome name!

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MARASCHINO [Italian, from marasca, marasca, from amarasca, from amaro, bitter, from Latin amrus.]

Not too shabby. Reminds me of the gal on Twin Peaks who could tie a cherry stem just by using her tongue.

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On behalf of the agency AKA "MARASCHINO" I would like to thank everybody for their fantastic input. We received over 1000 name suggestions. Choosing the name was REALLY hard and took many hours of deliberation, arguments and tears. One of my personal favorite was DCQ = Diablo con queso and Kittenlipper. We actually almost ended up with that. But some people at the agency thought that it was too much like "kesselkramer". I will send a complete list to Dabitch with all the names. So she can post them if she pleases to do so.

Once again. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Cris H

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Image hosted by

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This is how the first roughs of the logo look like. Nothing definite yet. But something like that. Just thought you

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I know, I know. It looks a lot like MOSCHINO. But it's a rough and we will look at a few more before deciding.


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Alternately, you could go with a machismo cherry icon, but I don't even want to begin thinking of what that would look like.

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*laughs 'til she cries* Bwahahahaa!

Brandman, keep the cherry, it looks good, I like the way it "dots the i" too. maybe a different font would help.

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Image hosted by

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What ya think ??

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I like that font better. Less confusing. And I like the cherry and all of what Dab said. I also wonder what that would look like on a % of the red instead of on the black. Just typing out loud. :)

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The Sex Pixels - 'Twas me.

But 'Diablo con queso' whips it though. How do you say it in Danish? I'm sure you'd be unstoppable in Brazil with such a name.

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Most of these names were no match for my suggestion of: Troshen and Peade.