Winona responds to Squarespace's superbowl ad with their own campaign website: welcome to the rest of Winona

Winona Ryder stars in the "Winona in Winona" Superbowl commercial for Squarespace because she has made a website with photos of Winona. It's a quirky little oddity of a super bowl ad, and the website shows off Squarespace's ability to embed Youtube videos easily, thereby collecting the other films made with Winona in one place. 

The town of Winona was so flattered by the Superbowl ad, they decided to make a site too - is created by Visit Winona.

Winona is so proud to have hosted its namesake actress for a visit and we are beyond excited to be making our debut on the grandest stage of all - a Super Bowl commercial. Stranger things have probably not happened here, and we’re in.

The website goes on to show us around Winona, with beautiful pictures and a heap of hometown pride.

"More than 100 individual properties and 13 whole blocks of Winona’s downtown are enshrined on the National Historic Register. We have been a bustling river city for 150 years."

Winona has been a city for over 150 years. It has a lot of river activity, scenic forests, a music festival scene and arts and entertainment. "Big city swagger in a small town, that's Winona" they say. They also explain that the name Winona comes from Dakota Indian word Wenonah, which means first-born daughter. And they top it all off with a film.

Opportunity spotted, opportunity jumped on. Well done to the Visit Winona team, now my only question is - did they use Squarespace to do it?

"Winona Ryder is a beloved figure in Winona and we appreciate being part of her story," said Pat Mutter, executive director of Visit Winona. "The beauty of this campaign is that everyone will have their own version of what True Winona is, and we are looking forward to sharing those with the world too."

Winona Ryder's photographs from Winona will be available as a book, on sale starting Monday after the Superbowl LIV. You can order it here. Proceeds will go towards the American Indian College Fund.

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Nice, but they should have kept the Fargo vibe going!