Zillow "The Value of Home" (2020) :30 (USA)

Out of all the Coronavirus ads, this one  should be heralded as the best.

Seriously. I don't have to hear any "out of an abundance of caution," or "We're all in this together," claptrap.

There's no grainy Zoom videos, or central casting footage from whatever stock footage site people are visiting.

The sun going down leaves something to the imagination.. And that's good. Because it means I as a consumer am allowed to actually place myself in the ad. 

I see myself making dinner while my kid sets the table and my wife makes a side dish. I see us playing games after dinner or watching a show on HGTV which is where I saw this ad air.

And that is the key. Unlike the try-too-hard crap, this will resonate with real consumers who are either sheltering in place, or stuck in apartments, wishing they had a home to call their own.

You can try to debate me on this, but out of all the Rona ads I've seen, nothing beats it in terms of human truth and actual insight.

"It's times like these we understand the real value of home."

So. Simple. And so insightful. You can't argue with it. And at the same time, it doesn't insult your intelligence by assuming you aren't aware of our global pandemic. Understatement equals class here.

The fact they used Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the storm," is just a cherry on top. You don't have to be a boomer to appreciate it. The lyrics carry it all the way.

Bravo, Zillow.

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