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im just curious to know who uses virgin mobile
you're right they suck the fun out of everything. bring back the normal flashmobs!
closest thing to music they had in awhile
I think this is amazing! Wish i could have thought of it
We had a similar artist here in NYC but I do like her style
i need one of those!
oh no! heeh its a cool looking site. just a bit confusing and I can't complain. the girl bloggers are cute. I'm sure the ladies will like their fitness and workforce expert.
yea. I like how Sears is trying to revamp their image, but their shopping navigation is confusing. I get frustrated and give up.
I really don't care in this situation. I'm a huge Pharrell fan.
i think these ads are hilarious!
i think this is the first time I've heard of Ebay helping with promotion.
I don't see it being that bad, it reminds me of the old herbal essence commercials.