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Not sure anyone is really giving a toss about a bunch of knitted puppets except for the people being paid to make a noise about them (Belgian buzz ... don't make me laugh), but then that's not a big...
... as if GOing VIRAL is the only measurement of success of viral MARKETING!!!
Well, I think your point about not having checked out the sites they want to seed with is the real issue. They can spend their commercial seeding budget with who they want, but they haven't bothered...
BTW - the site the guy mentions has that ad on the home page from about 2000 years ago where the women rolls a cigar between her breasts. So it's OK to roll cigars with your...
HaHaHa ... did they pick the wrong person to SPAM
Bring back Asa Bailey ... all is forgiven and this lot make him look like he knows what he's doing ;-)
Think you'll find that the Mini Robots 'mystery' was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Wow, so many different issues here the biggest being the ratio of viral, buzz and word of mouth vendors to clients! Perhaps this discrepancy is the real reason two of WOMMA
come up with more ideas like that and you'll get hired by cp+b ;-)
Well, you had said:
"There's a bottom line with regard to branding: make people love you."
Nuff said.
As I said you must be an American and best of luck with the procurement department.
Erm ... I think Copywhore maybe American because the citing of Kant et al is called irony.
Erm ... also not sure where she/he gets this idea that Word of Mouth Marketing is about paying people to...
Well, the very wise Dr Paul Mardsen once said that buzz, viral and word of mouth are all the same thing, namely network enhanced word of mouth or what the Japanese call 'Kuchi-Komi'.
If you want to...
Andy's assertion seems almost Kant-like in its moral certainty. This is fascinating given that all the scientific research relating to attribution theory and the like would seem to suggest otherwise...