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The Young Guns vs The Old Ones

suture says: Here's a game where you play the five independent agencies and go against the biggest holding companies in advertising.

Dabitch notes: It's a bit like old streetfighter archade games except you toss WOM-campagns and web-pages at the boring old farts that are your opponents. Mildly amusing. Try TV, it sets them on fire! Looks like truthdaredoubledare have created this piece.


University of St. Arvin Website

New website for Kraft Easy Mac Cups. Features an interactive video area where you can make this college guy eat a bunch of stuff.


Beware of the Office invaders!

A surefire way to get sod all done today is to play Baskin Robbins Office Invaders, where the object is to knock out as many collegues as possible with rubber bands until you make it to the executive office.


Nakd directs visually arresting piece for Nike Maxsight

Toronto-based design collective Nakd (part of The Ebeling Group) has wrapped a 1:30 promotional piece for the Nike Maxsight sports contact lens from Bausch & Lomb.

The mostly animated film combines black-and-white live-action footage with CG to take the viewer on a surreal journey through the complicated inner-workings of an athlete's eye.


Adidas new campaign depicts the dream team

Adidas announces the launch of its global football advertising campaign "Impossible Team" for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany featuring the world's best footballers from the past and present.


Italian banned commercial featuring Freddy Krueger goes viral

In this italian banned commercial produced by Euro RSCG, Freddy Krueger breaks into a party where everybody is having fun. But this time he will not kill anyone... ehehe

After a few flights on italian TV, this commercial has been banned because considered too frightening for little children. Now it's on air on the web and it's spreading the world throught world-of-mouth.

Enjoy it on


Alaska Tahoe Alliance paralell competition - make anti-Chevy ad.

Oh my, seems there's more to the story that caffeinegoddess posted Anti-SUV ads make it to Chevy's website last week, seems there's another competition going on - the Alaska Tahoe Alliance anti-chevy competition has hijacked the game and want you to create as many anti-Chevy ads as possible using Chevy's own ad creator. Ouch!

Talk about biting back: Chevy Apprentice - How Consumer Generated Content Can Bite Back. ;)


The memory Quiz - celebrating Adland's tenth birthday.

Greetings adgrunts! To celebrate the tenth birthday of Adland, I've made The memory quiz - where every answer except one is found on this website.