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Eurobest 2005

Eurobest 2005 wrapped up yesterday. And that means the results are in. Agency of the Year went to TBWA/Paris, and was followed by Publicis Conseil and DDB London. The only category not to have a Grand Prix awarded was radio. Read more to see the Grand Prix and Gold winners.


Get Firefox campaign pays site owners $1for each person who switches

The browser wars heat up as Explorer destroyer gives away a free IE-detect script that asks IE users to switch, and if they do Google adsense pays referral money. You read that right, Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer.

Curiosity killed the cat they say, and we simply had to try this out - will people switch? Will this crazy campaign spread to many more sites? Imagine if it spread all over, I'd switch away explorer just to get rid of that ugly bar on top. ;) Web-peer-pressure? We won't keep it up forever - but we must see if it works so lets give it a week.

Firefox, Opera, Safari, Mozilla etc users, see this demo over at to see what you are missing up at the very top of adland these days. Would you participate in this campagn if you had a website+Google adsense? If not, why not? What do you think of this tactic, will it work? Can it work?

Explorer Destroyer

Glue and Virgin Trains make Britain shrink

Glue London has created the first viral campaign for Virgin Trains. They have created six different film scripts, which take a look at how Britain now feels smaller due to their faster journey times.


Museum of Brands

Shots reports that today is the grand opening of the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, located in the Notting Hill area of London. Four years in the making, the museum will feature some 10,000 objects spanning 200 years.

"Our research shows that everyone from brand owners, marketeers, creatives and students will find the museum a valuable resource, making it a focal point for ideas and inspiration," said consumer historian and museum director Robert Opie.

The museum is registered as a charity and has sponsors including Kellogg's, Cadbury and Twinings. See the museum's website for directions and hours.


Still single? Become a creative.

From the BBC News website an article explaining why creative people have a better love life than most. Some scientists have lead a study showing that "the more creative a person is, the more sexual partners they are likely to have".


Adland Quiz: the Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth edition.

Adgrunts, start your engines, it's time for another Quiz - all logged in adgrunts can enter once only in the Adland viral quizz (link removed because game over).

Enter the quiz and you can win the book "Connected Marketing: The Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth Revolution", or a months upgrade to super adgrunt. Sound good? It is good! Read more!

In all we have 30 neato prizes to the first 30 adgrunts to get all ten answers correct! Even if you can enter only once you have a pretty good chance of being one of those thirty.


Samsung - The Inside Job

Reckon you’d make a good spy? Well, prove it.

'The Inside Job' is a huge online game created by RMG Connect Sydney for the Samsung D600 phone.