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British Airways "English to English" dictionary.

BA has done all Americans a favor and created an "English to English" dictionary so that US tourists in London can confidently ask for the "loo" (restroom), the "lift" (elevator), the "blower" (telephone) or the "bin" (trash can). This way US tourists will have a smashing time in the UK as long as their name isn't Randy. ;)
The dictionary can be found online in flash format at, created by NYC and is also the basis of a poster campaign currently running in New York. I reckon that anglophiles are going to love this one.


Fight the mundane, join the insane!

Peperami now makes noodles and at they have three films pepping us all to fight the mundane. My personal favorite is russian chess. I want them stupid hats too.


Firefox mural celebrates 50 million downloads.

Sidewalk and pavement murals are all the rage it seems, much like the recent save Lois Vitton pavement chalking, Firefox chalked the streets as well to celebrate fifty million downloads.
Here, real fans™ painted a huge firefox mural in the middle of the Oregon State University quad. Using a mixture of corn starch, food coloring, koolaid, and water a bunch of students at Oregon State painted a huge mural to compete in the 50 million download contest. Fans of Firefox are spreading the word about Firefox since day one, see earlier article about when the fans raised money and paid for a double page spread in the NYT.


Spotlight On: Crunch Brand Communications outside of Boston, MA

This month in our spotlight is Crunch Brand Communications in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Ted Schuelter gave us the dirt on how they work and gave us a peek at the agency's work.

Caff: Show us the Crunch creative hot spot. Where are the ideas born?

Crunch: Crunch is located in Charlestown, MA, and overlooks the famous Mystic River. Our halogen-lit, exposed brick, orange-painted offices don't exactly fit in with our surroundings. When we sit down in our conference room to brainstorm, we look out onto a landscape that's gritty and industrial. Some might say it's bleak. But for us, it's a reminder of the kind of tough, challenging environment we were trained to thrive in. In fact, all of us at Crunch attended the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (B.O.S.S.) where we learned to subsist in the harshest conditions and how to optimize limited resources. We find that the principles we learned there teamwork, innovation, drive, persistence constantly come into play in the work we do for our Brand Partners. No matter how tough the market landscape gets, we know how to help companies survive and flourish.


Best logo ever?

Right on the heels of that strange mishap known as the arlington pediatric center comes this fasstastic logo. Byooteeeful.


Welcome to North Dakota.

Recently, Kranzler Kingsley -- a local Bismarck, ND ad agency where I currently work -- hired an extremely friendly and talented guy named Mark Gray as our video production editor. We got him after he spent a stint in Chicago working for The Whitehouse (a post house, not the Dubya house).

Anyhoo, we sent a press release of his hiring to his hometown newspaper, The Mandan News, and, well... after a little bit of editing of their own, the story ended up with a wee bit of a typo. Read more to see if you can spot the boo-boo.


Beattie, McGuinness and Bungay leave TBWA to start agency

Mark Wnek's column on Monday mentioned a rumor going around about Trevor Beattie leaving TBWA/London to start his own agency. And yesterday Trevor Beattie, Andrew McGuinness, chief executive, and Bil Bungay, deputy creative director, announced their resignation in order to launch a start-up called Beattie McGuinness Bungay.


Another KFC advert under fire

The Media Guardian reports that KFC's latest UK advert is being accused of encouraging bad table manners.

Apparently the ASA has received 340 complaints the Zinger Crunch Salad advert created by BBH.

"Generally, the complainants think that the ad encourages bad manners among children, making it appear funny to speak or sing with a mouth full of food," an ASA spokeswoman said.