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APA's Top 50 British ads

The Advertising Producers' Association has released this year's list of the Top 50 British ads of the last 12 months. The themes this year show a trend moving away from humor and moving more towards fantasy.

The APA chairman, Steve Davies, said the results marked a shift away from humorous ads, such as Virgin's "Idle Thumbs" campaign, which featured among last year's winners.

"This year's results certainly indicate that there is some movement away from humour, which was in danger of nearing saturation point," he said,

"It would seem that the latest trend is more about taking consumers into a fantasy world. It's a healthy demonstration of how advertising continually evolves."

Ads were judged by leading advertising creatives, directors and members of production and post-production companies.

Read on to see the list...


AdCorp Inc - A short film

The Moviefone Short Film Festival will host the national online debut of AdCorp Inc, a new short-length comedy film, starring Andy Dick, and directed by Marshall Cook. The film spoofs the creative process of advertising agencies and takes a look at what might have happened behind closed doors when coming up with the name for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

In the archive on the site there are also some other short films spoofing infomercials and other ad related stuff. This is the first annual Moviefone(R) Short Film Festival (sponsored by Mercury Milan), an online festival and competition that showcases the best in short film programming from novice to accomplished filmmakers from around the world.


"What if "for IKEA PS 2006... or a what the h...?

A new internet campaign for the IKEA PS 2006 collection launched today with clips on the web tracked by the viral chart. The movie called Roadrage was shot by Måns Nilsson and Valdemar Westesson in Malmö... Now, it might just be me, but what does the "what if.." idea have to do with anything? I'll see your "what if" and raise you a "wtf was that about?"

Those interested may de-construct the funny* film here.

what the...?

* subjective, humor is, as we all know.


Who wants to be an ad-blog editor?

Craigslist has a job opening: Ad Industry WebBlog Seeks Intelligent and Witty Blog-Master.
"Newly launched Blog about the Advertising Industry is seeking a full-time Blog-Master. The ideal candidate possesses exemplary interpersonal and communication skills (especially written), and is actively involved in the Advertising Industry. We are looking for someone with editorial experience, who can be a smart, funny writer to set the tone of the Blog. You should be familiar with all aspects of creating and managing a Blog, including how to fully integrate Audio and Video into the Blog. "

Which blog is it you might wonder? Do we really need yet another adblog? And does one get paid? Newly launched and all. Hmmmm. All gossip signs point to this being the brainchild of Jeremy Wright from who's busy building a clone of the other big blog-media networks (Gawker Inc Weblogs Inc). Do we need more blog-networks? I didn't get the memo.
I reckon that at some point selling oneself on being "a blog on X or Y", instead of the more concise selling point "advertising media reporting" or "latest gadget gossip" is gonna bite people in the ass.


Friends of Juan Wage Campaign to Win Favorite Advertising Icon

With his white hat, gentle smile and ever-present mule Conchita, Juan Valdez, the iconic Colombian coffee grower and front man for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, along with his supporters are waging a campaign to get Juan elected "Favorite Icon" in the second annual Advertising Week 2005 poll.

Friends of Juan are betting that their mustached man and his mule will trump a trio of animated elves, a battery-operated bunny and a handful of dancing raisins, earning him a spot on Madison Avenue's Advertising Walk of Fame, which currently features last year's inaugural "Favorite Icon" poll winner, the M&Ms characters.

Until September 23, Juan supporters can visit to cast their vote and enter for a chance to win $2500 cash toward a trip to "drink up" New York City, courtesy of the Fantasy Weekend on Juan Sweepstakes.


Did you get that memo? New KFC Web site brings adventure to a cubicle near you!

Sick of taking the boss' orders? Think it's time you had the power to make some real decisions? Be defiant! Throw caution to the wind! Rip the covers off of your TPS reports and surf over to! From the safety of your cubicle, you can navigate through the precarious world of office politics on a whirlwind adventure that might find you battling ninjas, uncovering hidden time capsules or engaging in a dangerous non-denominational holiday decoration battle!


Cheap and easy - pushing it with Staples.

Continuing the trend of "Fictional Things From Television Commercial Campaigns Eventually Showing Up As Actual Things You Can Buy," the Staples Easy Button can now be yours. Priced at $4.99, proceeds of up to $1 million are going to Boys & Girls Club of America, which is rather spiffy of them. Batteries are included, which is also rather spiffy of them. Spiffy all around.


Lights.... Camera.... ASTEROID!

Claymore summed it up thusly back in 2001, when he reported on the Russian arm of Space Station Alpha allowing four brand to shoot commercials in space.