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Beer loses its fizz

A long but somewhat interesting article on how the popularity of beer is slipping among the older and younger crowds.

The beer industry is madly trying to figure out how to reverse this trend, which industry insiders insist is cyclical but which some analysts warn could represent a more long-term change in who drinks what and when.

"Demographic trends are working against the brewers," said Bonnie Herzog, a beverage industry analyst for Citigroup Investment Research.

Younger consumers raised on an ever-growing array of soda flavors and juice drinks, Herzog and others say, are finding the transition into alcohol a little easier with mixed drinks, which can be sweeter than beer and personalized to one's own taste. Baby boomers, meanwhile, are gradually transitioning from beer to wine and cocktails. And across the board, beer is suffering from a bit of an image problem.

But brewers say they get it now. They say they're on it, even though the industry continued to dip through the first half of this year, according to researchers who follow beer sales. Companies are investing heavily in new product development, new packaging and new marketing - all aimed at getting people to turn to beer for more "drinking occasions."


Don't squirt my Kaboose!

Kaboose Inc, the world's leading independent online media destination for kids has partnered up with H.J. Heinz Company to help launch Silly Squirts(tm).

In the deal, Kaboose gets label space on millions of Heinz-base brand and Silly Squirts(tm) bottles, and in turn Heinz gets an interactive Heinz micro-site within

"Kaboose is very excited" said Jonathan Graff, President of Kaboose.
Ok sorry people I can't write any more about this without giggling myself to death like Beavis. Someone please get my mind out of the gutter but the squirty kaboose pun-temptations are getting to be a bit much for me. ;)


Channel 4 hunt for ultimate viral ad of 2005.


Brands like PlayStation, Burger King, Mazda, Ford, Miller Lite, Renault, Trojan condoms and Agent Provocateur have entertained and surprised mass audiences with their viral email ads. Brand managers are realising the power and reach of viral email ads as a non-intrusive marketing technique that is cheaper to produce than TV or cinema ads. The unregulated nature of the Net means that brands can get away with more risqué content than they would be allowed to do on TV. Channel 4's IDEASFACTORY has joined forces with the world's largest collection of entertaining viral emails Bore Me, digital agency DS.Emotion and viral promoter Hot Cherry to showcase some of the best viral email ads around - and to find 2005's ultimate viral email ad produced by a UK agency. On Monday 17th October 2005, Channel 4 launches a viral contest 'Germ' that will run on


Neil French speaks at ihaveanidea in Canada

Neil French, ( the man with the highest rated portfolio website here) hosted "A Night with Niel French" a at I Have an Idea (also popular!) in Toronto, Canada. During his chat he had a woman in a french maids uniform serve him drinks. Niel French. French maid. There's a joke in there somewhere.


Golden Drums 2005

At the end of last week, the last of the Golden Drum Awards were handed out.

Leo Burnett & Target SA took home the Golden Rose (a.k.a Best in Show). An ad campaign for BankServiss created by Latvian ad agency ZOOM was awarded the New Moment award for the most creative, daring, fresh and innovative idea of the Golden Drum 2005.

Read on to see some of the winners.


Burger King masks on sale now.

BK mask eBay auction is probably just a way to drum up interest for the new BK masks, out just in time for Halloween.


72andSunny Launches "I Have A Secret" Campaign for DC Shoes' New Girls' Division

72andSunny collaborated with DC Shoes (a division of Quiksilver) to launch the new Girls division with a print campaign entitled "I Have A Secret."

Comprising a 44-page book (and 12-page "teaser" book) and print ads appearing in ELLEGirl and SG magazines, the work showcases the DC Girls snowboarding team modeling the Holiday 05-06 line of apparel on the slopes of gorgeous Mount Hood, Oregon. The book features photography by Lars Topelmann and illustration from LA-based artist and snowboarder Alice Casson. "Models" include Priscilla Levac, the top-ranked female rider in the world, as well as Erin Valverde, Jacqui Berg, Drea Russell and DC Girls' skateboard team rider Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. An "I Have A Secret"-themed website: is slated to launch soon.