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Think positively Germany!

A new campaign is running in an attempt to boost the morale of Germans after the deadlock election on September 18th.


Davies on planning

Over at IF by PSFK, Russell Davies writes on the state of planning.


Ad Icons

An Advertising Icon Museum will open in Kansas City, Missouri in 2007. A collection of over 900 advertising icons will be on display, spanning a century of American history.

The website currently has an online gallery with information on ad icons.

Also related...the Geiko Gecko and Juan Valdez were named the top to ad icons during Advertising Week in NYC and will take place in the Ad Icon Walk of Fame.


How to Make a Million Dollars

From the Wish I’d Thought of This Department. A 21 year old British student has just made more than US$155,000 in a month off his new website. From this story in The Daily Telegraph.

Alex Tew, who is due to go to Nottingham University next month to study business management, launched in an attempt to pay his uni fees.

The website, offering internet advertising space, is made up of one page divided into 10,000 boxes, each 100 pixels in size. You can buy one or more boxes for US$100 each and cover it with a logo, which, when clicked on, transports web users to the customers' own site.

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Who needs ad creatives? has an article about a site that allows your average Joe or Jane to create taglines and come up with concepts for ads. Similar to brands getting consumers involved in advertising like that contest Geico is running.

First prizes go up to $500US all the way down to $50. The site that Wired writes about, as if it's a paid placement, also doesn't not have the permission of the brands are creating contests for. They are hoping to sell the work to these brands, but well, how rare of an occassion is that? Heck, if a brand, like Coca Cola is your client, you still probably have to jump through hoops to get them to buy a good idea, let alone one by someone who doesn't understand demographics, or what really goes into creating an ad. And, not only do they try to sell only the top idea but the entire caboodle of entries they receive. Of course, *if* it gets sold they will split the profits with the top 20 people. Ok. Sounds reasonable enough of a reason for me to give up the rights to an idea. Especially if it doesn't get used.


Plethora of sites for GameTap

Some of you might have seen some strange commercials recently for Get Goatz and What is Ad At (those links go directly to the spots). The spots direct folks to and

These are two of five sites which are a part of a viral program for a new gaming site by TBS (Turner Broadcasting), GameTap. The other sites include:,, and
The sites were concepted and developed by Mullen and The Barbarian Group.

What I'm not getting is how people are to find out that they are connected to GameTap. I've wandered through the sites and unless it's hidden deep somewhere within the site, I haven't seen any links or anything which points to GameTap. Yes, it becomes obvious that they all have something to do with video games, but is it for a particular game? Or for a new platform? Or what? Probably the best of the sites, IMHO is the Game Land Security. I found the Safety Tips pretty funny.


Origen XBOX 360, two bunnies under a tree countdown - nothing is happening

33 day countdown with bunnies. This strange thing from Xbox and AKQA has been puzzling people all over the web for weeks, people all over are reporting on changes, bunny-movements and speculating what will happen when the countdown is finished . Well the clock in Rådhusets tower just struck twelve here and my timezones countdown is finished, and this is what happened:

Nothing at all. Weird.


Heat Names New President: John Elder, former associate partner at Goodby, Silver

Heat founder Steve Stone has announced the appointment of John Elder as president and equity partner. Stone will now act as Heat's chairman and creative director. Heat is the SF-based advertising agency launched seven months ago by Stone, one of the founders of legendary ad shop Black Rocket. Elder joins Heat from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners where he was an associate partner overseeing accounts including eBay and Discover Card.

Elder joins Heat to spearhead new business development and provide strategic counsel on Condé Nast, Moderati and other agency clients. Heat is currently completing a three-spot broadcast campaign for a major advertiser set to debut in October.

"He's smart, he's funny and he's got fire in his belly. I can already tell he's got the ‘hunter' gene I've always looked for in a partner," said Stone. "We're trying to build a place where we have smart, talented people who are like magnets for clients and future employees. John is certainly one of those magnets."