Director Tom Carty Joins Humble


Production studio Humble has signed director Tom Carty for representation in the U.S. and Canada. Carty is an award-winning writer and director, a renowned storyteller and innovator who has pushed creative boundaries throughout his career.
Carty began his career in advertising as a copywriter. He rose to fame working with his partner Walter Campbell at AMV BBDO on brands like Dunlop Tyres, Volvo, and Guinness.

In what seems like a growing trend these days, Carty swapped roles, becoming a director, and producing award-winning spots for clients including the BBC, Nike, Levi’s, The Economist, and a popular spot for ITV starring Gary Oldman.

He currently has two features in development including “Available Light” with Kate Mara attached.

“Humble is a very dynamic and forward-thinking company that embraces the new multi-faceted world of advertising and works with it perfectly,” said Carty. “I also feel Humble has great energy with a true team spirit, and what’s more, they’ve got a beautiful name. I instantly clicked with Shannon and Eric’s passion and commitment, and I know that this is where I want to be.”

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