Russian Social media site Odnoklassniki rebrands as OK

Odnoklassniki is Russia's second largest social media site. It's full of user generated content, mostly photos and videos. To rebrand itself as a more modern and exciting site, Odnoklassniki is rebranding itself starting with the domain. It is now called Ok.Ru, and it has a whole new look to go along with the name. To celebrate the change, designer Karim Rashid created three unique visual themes for the OK home page.

When you go to the landing page, you are greeted with one of three themes. The background designs are fluid, and move amoeba-like.

Sure looks more interesting than Facebook, I'll say that much.

Agency: Hungry Boys
Creative Director: Vlad Sitnikov
Account Manager: Agunda Baeva

Client: OK.RU
Art Director: Evgeniy Nepomnyashciy
Head of Marketing and Business Development: Arsen Israpilov
Internet Communications Manager: Alena Stepanova
Marketing Specialist: Olga Rogova
Press secretary: Ilya Grabovskiy

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  • Peter O'Grady's picture
    Peter O'Grady (not verified)

    I was told this sight could be used like VK as a social media sight.

    I am trying to find my Family in Russia, am getting nowhere vk, and was told this sight could help.

    Sep 01, 2016

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