Advance America - Got Everything - (2013) :30 (USA)


Advance America - Got Everything - (2013) :30 (USA)

Fluid Editor John “JP” Piccolo recently teamed up with Station Films Director Sam Cadman via agency Erwin Penland to tackle the business of customer service for a commercial campaign to promote Advance America.

The campaign captures the unscripted reactions of customers approaching a deliberately disrespectful hot dog vendor. JP crafts Cadman’s expansive footage into several :30s presenting a closer look at the confusion of each customer.

“I had a great time going through all the footage, watching the different ways people reacted to the situation,” Piccolo said. “Sam shot for a full day, capturing so many bits that I had five times the usual number of :30s to present to the agency in the first rough-cut screening, giving the agency and director a chance to pick their favorites.”

Erwin Penland teamed up with JP because of his subtle comedic editing style and his proximity to Fluid’s talented affiliates, Butter Music and Sound and Mr Bronx Audio Post. “JP found the funniest and most awkward moments in the footage and created great hidden camera spots while working together with our music and sound design guys. We were the perfect shop for these spots,” noted Fluid Senior Producer Leanne Diamond.

See the spots here.


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